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Our local Tate Library on South Lambeth Road is currently showing an exhibition of lively and vibrant painting and artwork by children from the Herbert Morrison Primary School.

The show has been put on by the Friends of Tate Library South, with support from ASSA. ASSA donated funds from our Summer Fair 2009 to the Friends to help with the costs of putting on this and similar shows in the library.

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Saturday 20th March 10am-1pm

Our Local Street Sale : Residents of Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Wilkinson Street and Aldebert Terrace will be licenced to sell or give away furniture, toys, books, clothes, half finished pots of paints and remnants- pretty much anything outside of the front of our homes.

Sell or give away anything that you have no further need of,   encourage your kids to be entrepreneurial, make money for yourself or a charity and at the same time meet local friends and residents.

The idea is also to consider the environmental/ ecological – and this event really supports the idea of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We hope to have other stalls such as

  • Dr Bike -( bring your bike and get it fixed for free);
  • buy energy saving/ weather proofing devices;
  • learn how to cut down waste plus water saving freebies given away etc.
  • Bring out your old phones for reuse as potential lifesaving devices by an abused women charity.

What Do Residents need to do? Simply set out a table outside your home before 10 am and sell or give away your unwanted items from there. Tell friends about the event. After 1p.m you can either take in your items or mark them up as to whether you want them to go to charity, recycle or to landfill. (Organisers will come around with stickers for you). A local charity will be collecting items from 1 pm and also Lambeth Council have agreed to send a cage to pick up unresuable household items (so a total opportunity to declutter and Spring Clean).

Check out the report of the last time we did this. The event was a good community event, easy to do and most people had a lot of fun.

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of East Enders, Diamond Geezer decided to visit London’s two Albert Squares:

On the other side of town, off the northern end of the Clapham Road in sunny Stockwell, there’s a very different Albert Square. The surrounding area’s characterised by a hotchpotch of diverse residential styles, jammed randomly together as though some Lambeth town planner filled each block by rolling a dice. If so, then Albert Square’s the local 6.

It’s fascinating to read the description of something so familiar to us by somebody who is seeing it all for the first time.  He’s not terribly impressed by the state of the Square garden and still less with the architectural merits of Regency Court.  But other than that, “Albert Square SW8 is a place with true character and history, and even boasts its own blog”.

One of the comments on that piece is a bit less generous, describing this site as “teeth grindingly nimbyish”.  I don’t think that’s a fair criticism – but it’s a good reminder not to get complacent, so I would encourage any suggestions for improvements to the site or subjects we should be covering – and would welcome contributions from anyone in the neighbourhood.  Please send any thoughts to assa@assa.org.uk.

(and thanks to our near neighbour Jason Cobb for spotting the Diamond Geezer post and for his generous words in the comments)

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Thanks to the generosity of local residents who made the ASSA Summer Fair 2009 such a success, we have been able to raise funds for local community groups, such as the Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library, who have been able to mount two recent art shows at our local library with your support. The first was an exhibition of work by the GCSE art class at Stockwell Park High School that was held in December and January for which ASSA helped in buying materials.

There is now a new exhibition which runs until 1 April of photographs by Sonalle, highlighting the experience of people in ethnic minorities who have come out about their sexuality. More about Sonalle and her photographs can be found on the flyer for the exhibition and on her web site.

You can find opening hours for the Tate South Lambeth Library here.

Thanks to the generosity of local residents who made the ASSA Summer Fair 2009 such a success, we have been able to raise funds for local community groups, such as the Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library, who have been able to mount two recent art shows at our local library with your support.

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Jason Cobb, a consistently interesting Stockwell blogger, has started a new oral history project for Stockwell, with its own site, Stockwell Stories.  So far, there are two interviews available to listen to:

Bill has lived in Stockwell for most of his life. He has worked locally for the Royal Mail, giving him a unique perspective on the area as it has grown and changed over the years. In this interview, we discuss the changing industrial landscape of Stockwell, and look ahead as to where the local economy might be heading.

Kay has been a resident of Stockwell for almost fifty years. During this time, she has raised a family and worked locally for most of her life. In this interview, we talk about family life in Stockwell, and how the retail opportunities in the area have gone from boom to bust.

There is an opportunity to contribute as well as to learn:

Maybe you were born in Stockwell and have strong memories of the area whilst growing up; or perhaps you moved to Stockwell and feel a strong affinity with the location and the community. Or perhaps you want to share your observations as to how Stockwell has changed over the years.

The Stockwell oral history project would be interested in hearing from you to help share your story. We aren’t limited to just oral histories either; we are keen to uncover any old photographs of Stockwell that you may be willing to share.

If you are interested, details on how to make contact can be found here.

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I think everyone involved in the street sale on Saturday agreed that it was a great success. I’d like to quote one resident who I think put it far better than I could:

“this neighbourhood event… was so much better than I expected:
· Cleared out lots of our own stuff
· Provided a site for lots of other stuff from neighbours to clear their stuff out

·Picked up a couple of bargains
· Felt  proud to have found homes for so many highly unlikely objects (absolutely “trash as treasure!”)
· Met lots of neighbours and passers by
· And made… [almost £70 for our] charity”

Which I think kind of sums it up. We also had lots of people ask if was a weekly thing or will it be (no!) and a resident of over 20 years came up to me and said it was the best thing that this community had ever done!

Personally I thought the best aspect was seeing so many neighbours and locals out on the street talking to each other.

After 1pm, Rosemary and I managed to fill up two estate cars of clothes, books, CDs and electronics which we gave to the MIND charity shop on Wandsworth Road. Lambeth eventually came round on Sunday to pick up the rest.

See the photos on the flikr page (scroll to the bottom on the left of this page for photos)

Plan is to do the same next year, hopefully a few more people, perhaps a some food and drinks (supplied by the Royal Albert?). Any thoughts, advice etc more than welcomed either as comments here or mailed to Chris assacan@assa.org.uk

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Re-use, Recycle & make Revenue: Clear out unwanted items from your loft, cupboards and drawers before winter and sell them earning £££’s for yourself while helping the environment.

Have you got stuff you don’t want but haven’t got round to putting on eBay or that’s just too good to throw away? Why not sell it outside your house on the pavement on Saturday 3rd October or simply leave it for people to take? ASSA will market the event locally.

It can be furniture, clothes, toys, plants, books, half-used pots of paint, anything – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

At 1pm, we’ll ask some local charities to come and take what is left that they can use or sell and then Lambeth will clear the streets of all remaining rubbish.

We also hope to be doing some educational and free things around recycling, composting, saving water and other generally green stuff which we will let you know about nearer the time.

If you can help organise the day please contact Chris on 020 7582 7184 or Rosemary on 0207 793 9538

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You may have seen the discussion board we had at the Summer Fair for you to post your comments on local issues. We had categories for The Royal Albert, Community Activities (what do you want to see more of?) and General. We’ve recreated them here.

The Royal Albert

Keep it as a pub. Cheaper and more diverse than the Fentiman

Use ASSA funds (esp from filming) to BUY Albert pub for community use [unfortunately we don’t have quite this much in the bank!]

Community restaurant/cafe

A community restaurant (like Bonnington Square)


Yes lets have other community functions or uses in it

Community Activities

More fairs maybe every month or two with a different theme

A barter market for items or skills [Watch this space…]

Why not have a Christmas market?


Karaoke nights at the 3 Lions drive me crazy. It is too loud every Friday and Saturday. If they want to do it they should have proper sound proofing. This is a residential area!

We should have more walking or cycling tours in Lambeth

School crossing patrol on South Lambeth Road

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There was much checking of the weather forecast before and on the Saturday morning, but in the event, in a week that had swung from much sun and high temperatures to heavy rain and cold, everyone was grateful for the window of no rain that occurred from 3pm on Saturday.


The Fair was wonderful. Everyone will have had their favourite stall. The most beautiful was certainly the plant stall. So much effort went into the sowing and growing on of fantastic plants, which were then beautifully presented by Aldebert Residents. This nurturing was then complemented by the most incredibly generous donation of stunning bouquets and wonderful plants from Alexander Collier Flowers of 127 St Georges Drive SW1V 4DA. The donation, beauty and generosity of a director who lives in the Square lifted all of our spirits.

The cake stall was well staffed but poorly supported in the provision of donated cakes by the neighbourhood. Many thanks to those who did provide merchandise. The bottle stall was a great success as always. The book stall was staffed wonderfully and with an abundance of great books. The tea area neglected by the organizers caught up belatedly with stalwarts being drafted into help and provide the teas – heating up cold and neglected urns that were sitting under the Garden’s planes. Sorry !

There was a rock shop selling dinosaur teeth and gem stones that some children were entranced by: the most fantastic toy stall and a hook a duck and panning for gold area; the children spent ages looking for “gold” to take home in velvet pouches and getting wet and sandy. The police were truly brilliant at their police stocks. Smiling and chatting away to locals while willing to be soaked by sponges in aid of charity. It just shows you what a wonderful community policing team we have in our locale.

Vauxhall City Farm brought a number of wonderful characters – including Lunch the Duck. Children adore the interaction with the pets and Vauxhall City Farm is a very precious commodity in our urban jungle.

Once again there was a fiendishly problematic local history/ photo competition which attracted a huge buzz and participants determined to win. Queues were developing.

The art competition themed “Happiness” sadly did not attract as many competitors as it did last year. Jennifer Miles a brilliantly creative and award winning children’s book illustrator very kindly judged the event.

ASSACAN had a store and British Gas with their environmental campaign generously supported them and the Fair itself. Further details can be found on this site but for those not yet aware AASACAN are doing a tremendous jobin making people aware of environmental issues and advising on improvements to people’s homes.


BBQ The BBQ was again heroically staffed by one family with their three children. To run a smokey stall from 3pm to 10pm without any break at all is truly amazing. A fantastic effort thank you.

Crepes Another family after so many years of community effort should know better. Instead they kindly offered their machine abilities cheerfulness and services and did a terrific job.


A wonderful resident ran the kiddies games- all of which were free of charge. The idea was predominatly for parents to relax while their children used up energy. The kids really loved it and after the last game of tug of war they spent a great deal of time running around the Garden Square.

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