Minutes of Annual General Meeting 24 June 2008, St Stephen’s Church

1. Apologies

Victoria Wynn, Alex Wajih, Cllr Pete Bowyer

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 11 June 2007 were agreed as a correct record.

3. Review of the year from Chair

Brenda reported that ASSA had donated £400 to Dorset Road Community Project to enable a summer trip to Thorpe Park, and Emma was now on the manage-ment committee. The project no longer had a paid worker.

ASSA had raised the issue of rubbish collections and bins in Albert Square/St Stephen’s Terrace with Lambeth Council, and Jason Prentis from Lambeth Streetcare had attended the committee meeting of 2 June. Lambeth would replace/refurbish the Eurobins in Albert Square, and would leaflet residents about waste collection services. ASSA asked for a feasibility study into underground storage bins for Albert Square.

ASSA’s long campaign on street lighting – largely due to the efforts of Viv Aylmer – had borne fruit and acceptable conservation standard lamp posts were now connected.

The committee had been alerted to the problem of tube noise for many residents and had held an extended meeting in October with speakers from Metronet. Grinding of the rails had started in April/May, and ASSA would be maintaining a watch on developments.

The committee had produced two newsletters for residents, but had failed to keep the website updated because of lack of assistance [Stefan volunteered to work on our website at the close of the meeting].

Brenda thanked all residents who had volunteered for the committee and work during the year.

4. Policing report

Andi and Mark circulated crime figures in the area for the year. They reported that incidents had improved over the last few years, there had been a fall in rob-beries, and gang activity in Stockwell had got quieter. Residents were asked to report youths using mini-motor cycles. In the discussion, residents said that feelings of being threatened were important, as well as the statistics themselves.

Andi, Mark and their team were thanked for their work and presence in the area.

5. Summer party

Chris Morrison gave a brief report on the recent successful summer party in Albert Square. More than 400 residents had paid to attend, and about £1,100 had been raised for Dorset Road Community Project, Vauxhall City Farm and the Albert Sq Gardens Management Committee.

Jim Nicholson, from the Gardens Management Committee, reported that it had done a risk assessment of the gardens, but tree pruning and taking the spikes from the railings had pushed it over budget, and the committee was now looking at projects for funding.

A number of ideas for other events, such as jazz or opera nights, were raised, and Rosemary agreed to circulate an email to invite people who wished to organise future events to join a group for this.

6. Big Green Challenge

Chris reported that the local scheme backed by ASSA had got through to the last 100 applicants to the Big Green Challenge £300m prize. Even if we did not succeed, local residents would benefit from the energy efficiency ideas already generated, he said, as the energy companies and commercial partners approached would still be able to offer energy efficiency at zero costs to residents.

7. Traffic calming

Brenda reported that traffic calming had been a major concern at the 2007 AGM and ASSA had pursued a strategic approach to the issue, but Lambeth Council had failed to respond to various concerns we had raised – including results from Transport for London traffic volume survey in the area last October/November and lack of movement on a promised consultation on traffic calming in the winter/spring. ASSA had also not been consulted on the proposal to introduce a no-right turn from Fentiman Road to South Lambeth Road, to which we had formally objected. The problem of rat-running through our area had also been highlighted by the apparent use of Albert Square as a short cut for not-in-service buses.

It was agreed to pursue our concerns through pressure on councillors, and the ASSA committee would circulate a model letter to step up the campaign.

8. Planning

Neil reported on planning developments over the year. The street lighting had been a success, a new unitary development plan (including keeping traffic out of residential areas) had been finished last August, and ASSA had commented on the draft conservation area statement. We had supported the Freeman’s site campaign, and successfully kept construction traffic out of our area. Development of a sports facility at Stockwell High School was a concern for traffic etc on Stockwell Park Road.

9. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of Accounts

Treasurer Sid Stiles presented the accounts, which were adopted by the meeting. The current balance stood at £4,618.82. There was a discussion about possible donations to the mother and toddler group at the church and repeating the gift to the Dorset Road project attached to a summer event. John Allinson raised income from filming and said that we should be implementing the agreed rate for filming in Albert Square.

10. Election of Officers and Executive Committee for 2008-09

Brenda Kirsch was re-elected as chair, Sid Stiles was re-elected treasurer, Tony Andrews re-elected as honorary auditor and the following were elected to the ASSA committee: Neil Sanders, John Allinson, Peter Edwards, Rosemary Ellis, Emma Francis, Andy Lindo, Chris Morrison, Alex Wajih and Victoria Wynn. It was agreed to approach Mario to see if he would like to continue.

11. The date of the next ASSA meeting was set as Monday 14 July at 8pm, 6 Wilkinson Street.

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