The Comment Board

You may have seen the discussion board we had at the Summer Fair for you to post your comments on local issues. We had categories for The Royal Albert, Community Activities (what do you want to see more of?) and General. We’ve recreated them here.

The Royal Albert

Keep it as a pub. Cheaper and more diverse than the Fentiman

Use ASSA funds (esp from filming) to BUY Albert pub for community use [unfortunately we don’t have quite this much in the bank!]

Community restaurant/cafe

A community restaurant (like Bonnington Square)


Yes lets have other community functions or uses in it

Community Activities

More fairs maybe every month or two with a different theme

A barter market for items or skills [Watch this space…]

Why not have a Christmas market?


Karaoke nights at the 3 Lions drive me crazy. It is too loud every Friday and Saturday. If they want to do it they should have proper sound proofing. This is a residential area!

We should have more walking or cycling tours in Lambeth

School crossing patrol on South Lambeth Road

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