ASSA backs Tate Library Art Show

Our local Tate Library on South Lambeth Road is currently showing an exhibition of lively and vibrant painting and artwork by children from the Herbert Morrison Primary School.

The show has been put on by the Friends of Tate Library South, with support from ASSA. ASSA donated funds from our Summer Fair 2009 to the Friends to help with the costs of putting on this and similar shows in the library.

One comment

  1. Hello, I stumbled across your site and took a long look around. It’s very good but I could find no mention of our little theatre down here on the Wandsworth Road.

    I’m sure our programme would interest your grown-up memebers and, for the youngster, we have many classes, short courses and ambitious projects like the one we’re running right now – GARGANTUA.

    Many thanks,


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