Stockwell oral history

Jason Cobb, a consistently interesting Stockwell blogger, has started a new oral history project for Stockwell, with its own site, Stockwell Stories.  So far, there are two interviews available to listen to:

Bill has lived in Stockwell for most of his life. He has worked locally for the Royal Mail, giving him a unique perspective on the area as it has grown and changed over the years. In this interview, we discuss the changing industrial landscape of Stockwell, and look ahead as to where the local economy might be heading.

Kay has been a resident of Stockwell for almost fifty years. During this time, she has raised a family and worked locally for most of her life. In this interview, we talk about family life in Stockwell, and how the retail opportunities in the area have gone from boom to bust.

There is an opportunity to contribute as well as to learn:

Maybe you were born in Stockwell and have strong memories of the area whilst growing up; or perhaps you moved to Stockwell and feel a strong affinity with the location and the community. Or perhaps you want to share your observations as to how Stockwell has changed over the years.

The Stockwell oral history project would be interested in hearing from you to help share your story. We aren’t limited to just oral histories either; we are keen to uncover any old photographs of Stockwell that you may be willing to share.

If you are interested, details on how to make contact can be found here.

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