Outside in – a visitor to Albert Square

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of East Enders, Diamond Geezer decided to visit London’s two Albert Squares:

On the other side of town, off the northern end of the Clapham Road in sunny Stockwell, there’s a very different Albert Square. The surrounding area’s characterised by a hotchpotch of diverse residential styles, jammed randomly together as though some Lambeth town planner filled each block by rolling a dice. If so, then Albert Square’s the local 6.

It’s fascinating to read the description of something so familiar to us by somebody who is seeing it all for the first time.  He’s not terribly impressed by the state of the Square garden and still less with the architectural merits of Regency Court.  But other than that, “Albert Square SW8 is a place with true character and history, and even boasts its own blog”.

One of the comments on that piece is a bit less generous, describing this site as “teeth grindingly nimbyish”.  I don’t think that’s a fair criticism – but it’s a good reminder not to get complacent, so I would encourage any suggestions for improvements to the site or subjects we should be covering – and would welcome contributions from anyone in the neighbourhood.  Please send any thoughts to assa@assa.org.uk.

(and thanks to our near neighbour Jason Cobb for spotting the Diamond Geezer post and for his generous words in the comments)

One comment

  1. Okay, Okay I apologise already! :o)

    I’m the “villain of the piece” that commented on the Diamond Geezer Blogspot.

    I come bearing an olive branch.

    Your Square looks exquisite and is truly evocative of one of traditional London (well, certainly one of her many faces lestways).

    In my defence I’m just so tired of the growing tide of real Nimyism and it’s stultifying effect on Londons development that I jump to conclusions a little too easily.

    Good luck to the Square, it’s dedicated band of residents and all who sail in her.

    With warmest regards from the Nimby blighted East London/Essex borders.


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