Who we are

Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association – ASSA – was revived in 1980 to represent the interests of all those who live in the conservation area made up of Albert Square and the neighbouring streets of Aldebert Terrace, Wilkinson Street and St Stephen’s Terrace, and the houses on Clapham Road that back on to the Square.

ASSA aims to preserve the unique character of our area, and enhance the quality of life of all who live there.

ASSA Today

ASSA works to preserve the best of the past, enhance the quality of life for today’s residents, and ensure that future generations can benefit from the best possible environment.

An annual general meeting of residents elects a committee which carries through work during the year on issues such as:

  • Planning: we keep a ‘watching brief’ on applications to Lambeth Council to ensure that proposed developments in the area don’t destroy its character or adversely affect the quality of life.
  • Traffic: we aim to reduce the nuisance of through traffic in our area, while protecting the interests of all road users who live here – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
  • Crime: ASSA is also the Neighbourhood Watch for the area and works closely with local police and crime safety officers to reduce the risk of crime and increase safety for residents.
  • Cleaner streets: we all want to see a rubbish-free environment, but this can be difficult. ASSA is in touch with Lambeth Council’s street scene department to make sure that our streets are kept clean. We also hold regular ‘clean ups’ when we get out our brooms and rubbish bags for a ‘sweep-in’ of the area.