The Great ASSA Clearout

Re-use, Recycle & make Revenue: Clear out unwanted items from your loft, cupboards and drawers before winter and sell them earning £££’s for yourself while helping the environment.

Have you got stuff you don’t want but haven’t got round to putting on eBay or that’s just too good to throw away? Why not sell it outside your house on the pavement on Saturday 3rd October or simply leave it for people to take? ASSA will market the event locally.

It can be furniture, clothes, toys, plants, books, half-used pots of paint, anything – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

At 1pm, we’ll ask some local charities to come and take what is left that they can use or sell and then Lambeth will clear the streets of all remaining rubbish.

We also hope to be doing some educational and free things around recycling, composting, saving water and other generally green stuff which we will let you know about nearer the time.

If you can help organise the day please contact Chris on 020 7582 7184 or Rosemary on 0207 793 9538

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