Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 2 June, 2008 at 18 St Stephens Terrace

Bins/Rubbish collection

Jason Prentis was welcomed to the meeting.

Question of underground bins was discussed. Some have been installed on estates, with success. Jason indicated that Albert Square would not be a suitable place; already enough going on underground for utilities in the area; cost would be high and residents would need to fund them. Jason was asked to re-consider; would a feasibility study be possible.

Jason will investigate the following:

  • Replacement bins
  • Letters to residents outlining waste disposal options
  • Frequency of current collection from Eurobins
  • Other Council workers (street cleaners etc) using bins inappropriately.

Jason left the meeting at this stage; he was thanked for coming along and talking to us.

AGM – Tuesday 24 June

The issue of South Lambeth Road traffic calming will be raised at the AGM.

Brenda will send formal objection to the proposal for a no right turn from Fentiman Road into S Lambeth Road.

Brenda will invite appropriate person from the Council to attend the AGM.

Albert Square Party

Arrangements for Party on 7th June well advanced; good number of stalls and volun-teers; hope to make this a great success. Our local police will be present.

Big Green Challenge

Chris reported re his recent e-mails and brought meeting up to date with progress.
He asked for completed data sheets, which had been sent by e-mail, to be returned as soon as possible.

Neighbourhood Watch

Sgt. Geoff Ross reported on crime figures from April 17th to 2nd June.

No serious crimes to report but number of car thefts remains quite high.

Recent spate of number plates being removed from cars.

Geoff was invited to attend the AGM.


Recent filming took place for one day; agreed the company had acted responsibility. £200 has been paid.

Planning Matters

No matters to report

Any other business

Election of Committee at AGM. Those present agreed to stand again to be re-elected. No further meeting was planned; agreed to arrange this at or after the AGM.

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