Spring Clean Street Sale: Saturday 20th March 10am-1pm

Saturday 20th March 10am-1pm

Our Local Street Sale : Residents of Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Wilkinson Street and Aldebert Terrace will be licenced to sell or give away furniture, toys, books, clothes, half finished pots of paints and remnants- pretty much anything outside of the front of our homes.

Sell or give away anything that you have no further need of,   encourage your kids to be entrepreneurial, make money for yourself or a charity and at the same time meet local friends and residents.

The idea is also to consider the environmental/ ecological – and this event really supports the idea of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We hope to have other stalls such as

  • Dr Bike -( bring your bike and get it fixed for free);
  • buy energy saving/ weather proofing devices;
  • learn how to cut down waste plus water saving freebies given away etc.
  • Bring out your old phones for reuse as potential lifesaving devices by an abused women charity.

What Do Residents need to do? Simply set out a table outside your home before 10 am and sell or give away your unwanted items from there. Tell friends about the event. After 1p.m you can either take in your items or mark them up as to whether you want them to go to charity, recycle or to landfill. (Organisers will come around with stickers for you). A local charity will be collecting items from 1 pm and also Lambeth Council have agreed to send a cage to pick up unresuable household items (so a total opportunity to declutter and Spring Clean).

Check out the report of the last time we did this. The event was a good community event, easy to do and most people had a lot of fun.

One comment

  1. I do hope you are not going to make the pavements impassable for wheelchair users on Saturday.


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