Street sale feedback


I think everyone involved in the street sale on Saturday agreed that it was a great success. I’d like to quote one resident who I think put it far better than I could:

“this neighbourhood event… was so much better than I expected:
· Cleared out lots of our own stuff
· Provided a site for lots of other stuff from neighbours to clear their stuff out

·Picked up a couple of bargains
· Felt  proud to have found homes for so many highly unlikely objects (absolutely “trash as treasure!”)
· Met lots of neighbours and passers by
· And made… [almost £70 for our] charity”

Which I think kind of sums it up. We also had lots of people ask if was a weekly thing or will it be (no!) and a resident of over 20 years came up to me and said it was the best thing that this community had ever done!

Personally I thought the best aspect was seeing so many neighbours and locals out on the street talking to each other.

After 1pm, Rosemary and I managed to fill up two estate cars of clothes, books, CDs and electronics which we gave to the MIND charity shop on Wandsworth Road. Lambeth eventually came round on Sunday to pick up the rest.

See the photos on the flikr page (scroll to the bottom on the left of this page for photos)

Plan is to do the same next year, hopefully a few more people, perhaps a some food and drinks (supplied by the Royal Albert?). Any thoughts, advice etc more than welcomed either as comments here or mailed to Chris


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