Draught Busting Day: Saturday, November 21st


There will be a ‘Draught Busting Day’ at 6 Wilkinson Street on Saturday, November 21st from 10am to 1pm. Anyone from Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Aldebert Terrace, Wilkinson Street or surrounding area is welcome. The focus is on Victorian and Edwardian properties.

A Draught Busting Day is an opportunity to learn how to make your Victorian/Edwardian house warm and cosy in time for the worst of winter.


What will be happening?

  • We have sourced draught proofing kits for sash windows that really work. They are normally only available to trade but we have sourced some so you can buy on the day (cost is approx £15 per sash window and they can be fitted with a modicum of DIY skill)
  • Demonstrations on how to fit the draught-proofing to sash windows and doors every 45mins
    • 10:45am Draught-proofing sash windows
    • 11:30am Draught-proofing external doors
    • 12:15am Draught-proofing sash windows (again)
  • Demonstrations of affordable, removable secondary glazing
  • Samples of energy saving lightbulbs that actually work in our houses
  • Have a look round at the low cost energy efficiency measures we’ve taken which you could copy in your home
  • Contacts with local tradesmen who can help you carry out the work
  • Tea and biscuits!

It would help if you could let Chris Morrison know if you’re planning on coming (assacan@assa.org.uk) so he can prepare for numbers but no obligation, feel free to just turn up anytime during the morning.


  1. Hi Lee, there is a local carpenter who can do this type for you but the kit we have is DIY and is white uPVC. It is very effective and look pretty innocuous on a white window.

  2. Hello
    I only managed to turn up for a very insufficient time. Thanks very much for organising this. There seemed to be a big group who went along on the day and it was very kind to offer home and expertise.

    1. Is it still possible to buy these cheaper sash window kits??

    2. I spoke to a couple of neighbours who hadnt heard about this- Could the Association review how they get out such info to locals who would love to know about such things but dont go often to the web site .

    Many thanks

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