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ASSA has long campaigned for secure bike parking for residents – a few years age we successfully worked with Lambeth Council and London & Quadrant Trust to win secure bike sheds available for most of the Trust’s tenants in Albert Square.

Now the council has stepped up its commitment to support cycling and cyclists by installing secure bike hangars on our streets. You might have seen these on neighbouring streets and now, after an extensive period of consultation, Lambeth is proposing to install secure bike hangars on:

  • St Stephen’s Terrace – outside no. 19
  • Aldebert Terrace – outside no. 8.

However, there has not yet been any proposals for similar hangars in Albert Square or Wilkinson Street.

In Albert Square, some individual residents are vociferously opposed to any siting of hangars in the square. However, there does seem to be demand for secure on-street bike parking as 4 to 5 bikes are regularly chained to the railings opposite 6-14 Albert Square (including one that has been vandalised, indicating a need for secure provision).

On Wilkinson Street, there has been no expressed indication of need, although bikes are sometimes parked on the street, and a previous walk-around by the Lambeth Cycling Officer and ASSA members indicated a possible site alongside the entrance to the car park behind the flats next to St Stephen’s Church.

If you have any views about the siting of the bike hangars, especially if you are a bike owner seeking secure on-street parking, please email Eric Duval, cycle parking programme, at: eduval@lambeth.gov.uk

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PLEASE come  along even for a FEW minutes  between 9 and 5 and input your ideas.  Money HAS  been  allocated for VERY REAL  change in the next 12 months.  IF we are to have a good chance of getting improvements to OUR streets then we need the maximum number of local residents to come along and show their enthusiasm for the resources to be allocated here.

This is a very real chance to make a difference and have your say on what you would like to see happen.  Local Residents groups have joined together with the engineers at Lambeth Council  and you can come along and  talk to them about what  you think we need in our streets.

The following  items can be altered or changed in this Current  Enhancment programme:

  • EFFECTIVE Speed  and traffic reducing measures/ traffic calming
  • Street Greening-  more trees -more plants
  • Cycle Parking
  • Secure cycle storage
  • Bins- come along and choose the bins and talk to Lambeth experts about  Waste management

There are different ways of joining in.   You could come along  and comment on photos  of our local street scenes that will already  be up on walls.  Alternatively, take pictures on your phone or camera of the things that you like or dislike and bring them along to be printed off and  add  to the discussions. Seen a great bin- take a picture? Gone past traffic calming ideas or  tree  planting ideas in other neighbourhoods – take a picture and have it printed off on Saturday.

The Wheatsheaf Hall on Wheat sheaf Lanes is a beautiful building –   just off the South Lambeth Road-just after the  Brazilian pub and before Wyvil School.

Make YOUR opinion heard, help co- design and improve our streets.

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The sun is set to shine, so get out on your doorstep, join your neighbours and take part in our community recycling event.

Sell, swap or give away your unwanted goods – and buy or take away those of your neighbours.

  • It’s free
  • It’s fun
  • Meet the neighbours
  • And you can get rid of those unwanted things too.

Has your bike been packed away all winter? You’ll have the chance to get it oiled, patched up and ready for summer action with our on-site bike mechanic.

And we’ll clear away any unwanted goods when it’s over and take them to a local charity shop.

For more information on taking part, contact Brenda on: brenda@bskirsch.demon.co.uk or 07856 232 553.

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Our popular community recycling event, Trash or Treasure, is back! Save the date –  Saturday 20 April from 10:30 am – 1 pm – and start collecting your disposables, sale items, crafts etc.
If you have any unwanted items – toys, clothes, unwanted DIY bits, old pots of still useful paint etc – get them together for sale/giveaway/exchange outside your door on the day.
You can keep the money made or give it to the charity of your choice.
ASSA is planning to host Dr Bike  – free bike repairs – and other recycling events on the day.
Look out for the flyers and posters nearer the date, as well as more information here.
For those who haven’t done it before  Trash or Treasure is a fun event and a really nice way of meeting the wider neighbourhood.

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A resident in Wilkinson Street recently experienced a bizarre crime .  A window box in the front ground floor window was stolen, all the plants were taken out and left loose in another tub, and the heavy box and its supply of earth were taken.
Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Please do let ASSA know. If there is a pattern of residents losing garden materials, plants etc, we will raise it with the safer neighbourhood policing team to follow up.

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Lambeth Council has approached all the residents’ associations in our area about its plan to invest in a Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme. The Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme is about street improvements for all the streets in the triangle between Stockwell, up to Oval and Vauxhall.

The committee of Albert Square & St Stephen’s Association wants your views on what we should ask for in our streets. We’re trying to encourage people who live in the following streets to tell us what they think:
– Albert Square

– Aldebert Terrace
– St. Stephen’s Terrace
– Wilkinson Street

Lambeth has given us a number of options to chose from. Please have a look at the online questionnaire we’ve created. There are only 10 questions to respond to. It should take five minutes to fill out the questionnaire.


We’ve asked for your name and contact details at the bottom of the questionnaire. You don’t need to tell us who you are unless you want to. We’ll only use this information to let you know what progress we’re making or to ask any questions if you have specific queries.

We look forward to seeing your responses on the online questionnaire

Many thanks

The committee of Albert Square & St. Stephen’s Association

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If you haven’t already received the newsletter through your front door you can download it here. The newsletter for this quarter contains:

  • Tube noise: the rumblings of change?
  • Clint Eastwood’s visit and details on filming in the area
  • Call for ideas on how to spend ASSA community £s
  • Rubbish collections and bins in Albert Square
  • Details of the recent draught busting day and street sale
  • Call for helpers in the Summer fair (June 12th – put it in your diary!)
  • Call to action on companies who refuse to deliver up more than 13 steps

Download here: ASSA Newsletter Q1_2010

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There will be a ‘Draught Busting Day’ at 6 Wilkinson Street on Saturday, November 21st from 10am to 1pm. Anyone from Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Aldebert Terrace, Wilkinson Street or surrounding area is welcome. The focus is on Victorian and Edwardian properties.

A Draught Busting Day is an opportunity to learn how to make your Victorian/Edwardian house warm and cosy in time for the worst of winter.


What will be happening?

  • We have sourced draught proofing kits for sash windows that really work. They are normally only available to trade but we have sourced some so you can buy on the day (cost is approx £15 per sash window and they can be fitted with a modicum of DIY skill)
  • Demonstrations on how to fit the draught-proofing to sash windows and doors every 45mins
    • 10:45am Draught-proofing sash windows
    • 11:30am Draught-proofing external doors
    • 12:15am Draught-proofing sash windows (again)
  • Demonstrations of affordable, removable secondary glazing
  • Samples of energy saving lightbulbs that actually work in our houses
  • Have a look round at the low cost energy efficiency measures we’ve taken which you could copy in your home
  • Contacts with local tradesmen who can help you carry out the work
  • Tea and biscuits!

It would help if you could let Chris Morrison know if you’re planning on coming (assacan@assa.org.uk) so he can prepare for numbers but no obligation, feel free to just turn up anytime during the morning.

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Re-use, Recycle & make Revenue: Clear out unwanted items from your loft, cupboards and drawers before winter and sell them earning £££’s for yourself while helping the environment.

Have you got stuff you don’t want but haven’t got round to putting on eBay or that’s just too good to throw away? Why not sell it outside your house on the pavement on Saturday 3rd October or simply leave it for people to take? ASSA will market the event locally.

It can be furniture, clothes, toys, plants, books, half-used pots of paint, anything – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

At 1pm, we’ll ask some local charities to come and take what is left that they can use or sell and then Lambeth will clear the streets of all remaining rubbish.

We also hope to be doing some educational and free things around recycling, composting, saving water and other generally green stuff which we will let you know about nearer the time.

If you can help organise the day please contact Chris on 020 7582 7184 or Rosemary on 0207 793 9538

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The ASSA Climate Action Network (ASSA CAN) has now gone live! If you would like to take part, please contact Chris Morrison on 07971 198555

As residents in Albert Square, St Stephens Terrace, Aldebert Terrace and Wilkinson Street, you will be only too aware of the energy inefficiency of old houses and their large carbon footprint. There are myriad ways to make our homes more energy efficient and reduce our emissions; ranging from home improvements to renewable energy to simple behavioural changes.

ASSA CAN is an innovative community programme developed by local residents in partnership with British Gas to help residents improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

It starts with a full home energy assessment by qualified engineers that takes about 1-1.5 hours and will cost you £40 (free to L&Q tenants). After the assessment you will receive a report detailing practical low cost recommendations on how to make significant reductions in your energy use*. These are improvements that can either be carried out by you or the British Gas engineers. You can also pay for the improvements in monthly installments at 0% interest and you don’t need to be a British Gas customer to take part.

As part of the project,  we will have demonstration homes in your street that have had work done for you to visit, we are planning some draught proofing demonstrations, we are engaging with local schools and we hope to have some special offers out too.

Please note that if you are an L&Q tenant we have been speaking directly with L&Q. You will receive a letter shortly from L&Q followed up by a member of the Residents Association contacting you directly.

*Typical improvements are energy efficient lightbulbs, draught proofing, loft insulation, standby savers, electricity use monitors and improvements to your central heating system. Solar power and other renewable energy solutions are also available.

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