Planning gains

News in from Neil Sanders:

I’m delighted to say that both the latest application for the former Di Lieto site (173-175 South Lambeth Road) and the application to convert the Royal Albert to residential use have been refused.

The South Lambeth Road application has been comprehensively turned down on the basic of architectural quality, the quality of the accommodation that would be provided, overlooking of neighbours, and concerns about parking and traffic.  (The loss of employment is not actually mentioned.)

I’m awaiting a copy of the decision letter on the Royal Albert, but the website says that it has been refused.

One comment

  1. The letter cites lack of proof of the need for change of use, the incongruous and detrimental design, the terraces that would be a nuisance to neighbours, insufficient floor space, insufficient light, insufficient proof that there would be no parking problems.

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