Clint Eastwood comes to the Neighbourhood

Clint Eastwood came to Wilkinson Street  on 11 November . He was here to direct his latest supernatural thriller and filmed interior and external scenes on the street. The film stars Matt Damon as a reluctant medium. The screenplay was written by Peter Morgan the Oscar-nominated British Screenwriter of Frost/Nixon and the Queen. Steven Spielberg is an executive producer.

Being a full on Hollywood movie there were large numbers of people and trucks involved, but it seems that  a very efficient location team meant there was very little  known disturbance or inconvenience.

The Location team made a contribution of £500 to ASSA. This is  a voluntary donation. For a number of years these donations have meant that ASSA have been in the position of not needing to charge residents for membership and has allowed ASSA to make contributions to local charities and causes in our neighbourhood. Previous filming in Albert Square has included Love Actually, The Bill, a number of commercials and Prime Suspect.

Suggestions for the use of this money  are welcomed. One excellent idea was to buy Gazebos that can be used at the Residents Summer fete and which could also potentially be used by other groups and individuals.

Any further ideas for this money or comments are much appreciated.

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