Bizarre theft of window box

A resident in Wilkinson Street recently experienced a bizarre crime .  A window box in the front ground floor window was stolen, all the plants were taken out and left loose in another tub, and the heavy box and its supply of earth were taken.
Has anyone else had anything similar happen? Please do let ASSA know. If there is a pattern of residents losing garden materials, plants etc, we will raise it with the safer neighbourhood policing team to follow up.


  1. We’ve had several instances of both window box theft and plant theft in Tradescant Road. Very dispiriting to those making the effort to brighten up the street.

  2. We had ornamental grasses and their pots stolen from either side of our front door last year. Not valuable but mature plants and nice pots. We also had our Halloween lantern stolen and were broken into from the rear aspect last year. Martin, 6, Wilkinson St.

  3. Hello Martin, sorry to hear about your thefts and burglary. I spoke to the local police sergeant yesterday and he is very concerned that people report all crimes, no matter how ‘small’, as they may indicate patterns of crime activity that the police team can address. Best wishes Brenda Brenda Kirsch 34E Albert Square London SW8 1BZ

    [44] 020 7735 6087 [44] 07856 232 553

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