Traffic not very calming

Latest dialogue with Lambeth Council – suggestions and questions sent to them in March, responses received today.

SlowASSA proposal:  That the top of Lansdowne Way (between the Clapham Road and the South Lambeth Road) be returned to being a two-way road.

Lambeth response:  Unfortunately we are unable to progress this request due to what would be a negative impact on the wider road network.

ASSA proposal:  Defensive entry treatment at the junction of South Lambeth Road and Aldebert Terrace, and the junction of the Clapham Road and Albert Square.

Lambeth response:  We would support your proposal, however these roads are the responsibility of TfL and as such any such requests should be directed to them.

ASSA proposal:  Measurement of the impact of the sinusoidal humps

Lambeth response:  This is a good idea. We will arrange to have speed and vehicle volume surveys carried out.

ASSA proposal:  A 20mph sign to replace the current 30mph sign at the start of Bolney Street (as you leave Dorset Road)

Lambeth response: Thank you. I will arrange to have this sign replaced.

ASSA proposal:  Sinusoidal humps to replace all the speed cushions

Lambeth response: Unfortunately we are unable to replace the speed cushions with sinusoidal humps at this time, however those cushions that are in need of repair will be attended to.

ASSA question:  Has any assessment been made of the impact of the priority traffic flow treatment in Fentiman Road?

Lambeth response:  An assessment of the effect of the Fentiman Road scheme is yet to be carried out.

ASSA question:  Are there any plans for traffic calming in streets that feed our area e.g. Vassall Road, Caldwell Street?

Lambeth response:  There are no plans for additional traffic calming on these streets, or any of the others feeding your area at this stage. Any need for traffic calming or additional works is prioritised and considered as funding becomes available.

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