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The Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association (ASSA), a residents’ association for the Albert Square conservation area in South Lambeth, is inviting local charities and organizations to submit bids for small grants which can be paid from the association’s funds.

Organizations considering making a bid are given the following guidance:

  • We invite bids for grants of up to a maximum of 500 pounds. The average size of grant paid in the past is around 300 pounds, and we do not anticipate any significant change in this policy.
  • Whilst ASSA do not insist that bidding organizations are active within the precise area covered by the association, we do ask that the grant will be used for the benefit of local people.
  • Bids should be made for a specific capital expenditure or project, rather than to meet the general running costs of an organization.
  • Organizations receiving a grant will be expected to send a short report once the grant has been spent.
  • ASSA will not make grants to sectarian or political organizations
  • Bids should be accompanied by a copy of the most recent set of accounts for the organization making the application.

To submit an application please write to the Chairman of ASSA, Peter Edwards (superedwards3@gmail.com) giving an brief outline of the organization making the bid, the purpose for which the grant will be used, and the amount requested. Bids should be submitted before 20th February 2015.

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ASSA has long campaigned for secure bike parking for residents – a few years age we successfully worked with Lambeth Council and London & Quadrant Trust to win secure bike sheds available for most of the Trust’s tenants in Albert Square.

Now the council has stepped up its commitment to support cycling and cyclists by installing secure bike hangars on our streets. You might have seen these on neighbouring streets and now, after an extensive period of consultation, Lambeth is proposing to install secure bike hangars on:

  • St Stephen’s Terrace – outside no. 19
  • Aldebert Terrace – outside no. 8.

However, there has not yet been any proposals for similar hangars in Albert Square or Wilkinson Street.

In Albert Square, some individual residents are vociferously opposed to any siting of hangars in the square. However, there does seem to be demand for secure on-street bike parking as 4 to 5 bikes are regularly chained to the railings opposite 6-14 Albert Square (including one that has been vandalised, indicating a need for secure provision).

On Wilkinson Street, there has been no expressed indication of need, although bikes are sometimes parked on the street, and a previous walk-around by the Lambeth Cycling Officer and ASSA members indicated a possible site alongside the entrance to the car park behind the flats next to St Stephen’s Church.

If you have any views about the siting of the bike hangars, especially if you are a bike owner seeking secure on-street parking, please email Eric Duval, cycle parking programme, at: eduval@lambeth.gov.uk

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PLEASE come  along even for a FEW minutes  between 9 and 5 and input your ideas.  Money HAS  been  allocated for VERY REAL  change in the next 12 months.  IF we are to have a good chance of getting improvements to OUR streets then we need the maximum number of local residents to come along and show their enthusiasm for the resources to be allocated here.

This is a very real chance to make a difference and have your say on what you would like to see happen.  Local Residents groups have joined together with the engineers at Lambeth Council  and you can come along and  talk to them about what  you think we need in our streets.

The following  items can be altered or changed in this Current  Enhancment programme:

  • EFFECTIVE Speed  and traffic reducing measures/ traffic calming
  • Street Greening-  more trees -more plants
  • Cycle Parking
  • Secure cycle storage
  • Bins- come along and choose the bins and talk to Lambeth experts about  Waste management

There are different ways of joining in.   You could come along  and comment on photos  of our local street scenes that will already  be up on walls.  Alternatively, take pictures on your phone or camera of the things that you like or dislike and bring them along to be printed off and  add  to the discussions. Seen a great bin- take a picture? Gone past traffic calming ideas or  tree  planting ideas in other neighbourhoods – take a picture and have it printed off on Saturday.

The Wheatsheaf Hall on Wheat sheaf Lanes is a beautiful building –   just off the South Lambeth Road-just after the  Brazilian pub and before Wyvil School.

Make YOUR opinion heard, help co- design and improve our streets.

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If you want the opportunity to do more for our neighbourhood – and have your say about what ASSA should be doing – please do come along to our Annual General Meeting on

 Tuesday 9 July


 St Stephen’s Church

The AGM is your chance to raise and discuss the issues that concern you:

  • traffic and road safety
  • tube noise
  • community events and activities.

Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

As part of the meeting, we will also provide information and discuss views on our local Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme – Lambeth Council is currently consulting on what we’d like to see in our area.

New committee members always welcome.

For further information please contact Rosemary on 077929 01295 or Brenda on 07856 232553

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Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association: Your Residents’ Association

Annual General Meeting

Everyone welcome!

The Annual General Meetings of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association, ASSA (covering all residents in Albert Square, St Stephen’s Terrace, Wilkinson Street and Aldebert Terrace) will be held on:

Tuesday 5 July 2011,  St Stephens Church, 8pm

Please do come along from 7.30pm, when refreshments will be available. (more…)

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Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association
Annual General Meeting
Everyone welcome!
The Annual General Meetings of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association, ASSA (covering all residents in Albert Square, St Stephen’s Terrace, Wilkinson Street and Aldebert Terrace) will be held on:

Tuesday 6 July 2009,  St Stephens Church, 8pm

Please do come along from 7.30pm, when refreshments will be available.
1.      Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16 June 2009
2.      Review of the year from Chair
3.      Kate Hoey MP
4.      QUESTION TIME: your chance to ask questions to ASSA Committee, Kate Hoey and ward councillors
5.      Policing report
6.      Summer fair
7.      Planning
8.      Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts
9.      Election of Officers and Executive Committee for following  year (see below)
10.    Election of Honorary Auditor
11.     Any other business.
Copies of the accounts and the minutes of the last AGM will be available at the meeting.

The present Officers and members of the Executive Committee are:
Chair: Chris Morrison;   Secretary: Brenda Kirsch;   Treasurer: Sid Stiles;   Honorary Accounts Checker: Tony Andrews
Other Committee members: John Allinson, Jim Davies, Peter Edwards, Rosemary Ellis, Emma Francis, Andy Lindo, Neil Sanders, Alex Wajih, Victoria Wynn


ASSA welcomes the involvement of residents – old and new – as members of the Committee. If you would like to get involved or have queries about this, or wish to nominate yourself or someone else for the Committee, please call Chris Morrison on 020 7582 7184 or Brenda Kirsch on 020 7735 6087.

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If you haven’t already received the newsletter through your front door you can download it here. The newsletter for this quarter contains:

  • Tube noise: the rumblings of change?
  • Clint Eastwood’s visit and details on filming in the area
  • Call for ideas on how to spend ASSA community £s
  • Rubbish collections and bins in Albert Square
  • Details of the recent draught busting day and street sale
  • Call for helpers in the Summer fair (June 12th – put it in your diary!)
  • Call to action on companies who refuse to deliver up more than 13 steps

Download here: ASSA Newsletter Q1_2010

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Latest dialogue with Lambeth Council – suggestions and questions sent to them in March, responses received today.

SlowASSA proposal:  That the top of Lansdowne Way (between the Clapham Road and the South Lambeth Road) be returned to being a two-way road.

Lambeth response:  Unfortunately we are unable to progress this request due to what would be a negative impact on the wider road network.

ASSA proposal:  Defensive entry treatment at the junction of South Lambeth Road and Aldebert Terrace, and the junction of the Clapham Road and Albert Square.

Lambeth response:  We would support your proposal, however these roads are the responsibility of TfL and as such any such requests should be directed to them.

ASSA proposal:  Measurement of the impact of the sinusoidal humps

Lambeth response:  This is a good idea. We will arrange to have speed and vehicle volume surveys carried out.

ASSA proposal:  A 20mph sign to replace the current 30mph sign at the start of Bolney Street (as you leave Dorset Road)

Lambeth response: Thank you. I will arrange to have this sign replaced.

ASSA proposal:  Sinusoidal humps to replace all the speed cushions

Lambeth response: Unfortunately we are unable to replace the speed cushions with sinusoidal humps at this time, however those cushions that are in need of repair will be attended to.

ASSA question:  Has any assessment been made of the impact of the priority traffic flow treatment in Fentiman Road?

Lambeth response:  An assessment of the effect of the Fentiman Road scheme is yet to be carried out.

ASSA question:  Are there any plans for traffic calming in streets that feed our area e.g. Vassall Road, Caldwell Street?

Lambeth response:  There are no plans for additional traffic calming on these streets, or any of the others feeding your area at this stage. Any need for traffic calming or additional works is prioritised and considered as funding becomes available.

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The annual meeting of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association takes place this coming Tuesday at St Stephen’s Church.  Tea, coffee and conversation from 7.30 – the meeting proper will start at 8pm. Do come and share your thoughts, ideas and questions for the future of our area and the work of ASSA.  If you can’t make it, feel free to put them into comments to this post (click on the comments link underneath the agenda) and we will make sure that they are fed into the discussion.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 24 June 2008

2. Review of the year from Chair

3. Policing report

4. Big Green Challenge

5. Summer fair

6. Planning

7. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of Accounts

8. Election of Officers and Executive Committee for following year

9. Election of Honorary Auditor

10. Any other business.

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There was much checking of the weather forecast before and on the Saturday morning, but in the event, in a week that had swung from much sun and high temperatures to heavy rain and cold, everyone was grateful for the window of no rain that occurred from 3pm on Saturday.


The Fair was wonderful. Everyone will have had their favourite stall. The most beautiful was certainly the plant stall. So much effort went into the sowing and growing on of fantastic plants, which were then beautifully presented by Aldebert Residents. This nurturing was then complemented by the most incredibly generous donation of stunning bouquets and wonderful plants from Alexander Collier Flowers of 127 St Georges Drive SW1V 4DA. The donation, beauty and generosity of a director who lives in the Square lifted all of our spirits.

The cake stall was well staffed but poorly supported in the provision of donated cakes by the neighbourhood. Many thanks to those who did provide merchandise. The bottle stall was a great success as always. The book stall was staffed wonderfully and with an abundance of great books. The tea area neglected by the organizers caught up belatedly with stalwarts being drafted into help and provide the teas – heating up cold and neglected urns that were sitting under the Garden’s planes. Sorry !

There was a rock shop selling dinosaur teeth and gem stones that some children were entranced by: the most fantastic toy stall and a hook a duck and panning for gold area; the children spent ages looking for “gold” to take home in velvet pouches and getting wet and sandy. The police were truly brilliant at their police stocks. Smiling and chatting away to locals while willing to be soaked by sponges in aid of charity. It just shows you what a wonderful community policing team we have in our locale.

Vauxhall City Farm brought a number of wonderful characters – including Lunch the Duck. Children adore the interaction with the pets and Vauxhall City Farm is a very precious commodity in our urban jungle.

Once again there was a fiendishly problematic local history/ photo competition which attracted a huge buzz and participants determined to win. Queues were developing.

The art competition themed “Happiness” sadly did not attract as many competitors as it did last year. Jennifer Miles a brilliantly creative and award winning children’s book illustrator very kindly judged the event.

ASSACAN had a store and British Gas with their environmental campaign generously supported them and the Fair itself. Further details can be found on this site but for those not yet aware AASACAN are doing a tremendous jobin making people aware of environmental issues and advising on improvements to people’s homes.


BBQ The BBQ was again heroically staffed by one family with their three children. To run a smokey stall from 3pm to 10pm without any break at all is truly amazing. A fantastic effort thank you.

Crepes Another family after so many years of community effort should know better. Instead they kindly offered their machine abilities cheerfulness and services and did a terrific job.


A wonderful resident ran the kiddies games- all of which were free of charge. The idea was predominatly for parents to relax while their children used up energy. The kids really loved it and after the last game of tug of war they spent a great deal of time running around the Garden Square.

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