Trash or Treasure Street Sale – Saturday 14th May

ASSA will be holding its annual Trash or Treasure street sale on Saturday 14th May. All residents of Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, St Stephen’s Terrace and Wilkinson Street are invited to set up a stall outside their homes and sell toys, clothes, books, DVDs, furniture, plants – pretty much anything. It is a great chance to clear out unwanted items and meet your neighbours. This year members of TARA, the Tradescant Area Residents Association, will also be setting up stalls in the ASSA area. 

If you want to take part, simply setup your stall from 10.30am. Please make sure that you keep space clear around your stall so that people can safely pass by on the pavement without having to step into the road. It is also important that no food is sold as part of the event.

For anyone who has items to sell, but doesn’t plan on setting up a stall, you may be interested in this offer from Susan and Barbara on Aldebert Terrace: 

Have you got excess stuff that is too good for the bin but you’ve not had time to take it around to a charity shop? Are you too busy to set up your own stall? Fear not, as usual, Susan Bewley and Barbara Wesby can help ensure it gets to a good home where it is wanted and that any proceeds go to a local charity for needy Lambeth residents! They will be happy to add items to their Aldebert Terrace stall. You have only to arrange a drop-off of the items on the evening of Friday 13th May or first thing on the morning of Saturday 14th May by texting 07984 907 548.  The Mary Minet Trust, Charity number 212483, provides basic items for local, impoverished long-term sick people. 

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