Battersea power station ceased generating electricity in 1983- that is coming up 30 years ago.

Since then as a result of a madness/ planning restrictions and the lack of inspired thinking by successive governments / owners and developers the  site has remained entirely neglected. Only London can do so little with such a centrally located iconic jewel.

The last owner of Battersea had  money problems  and was unable to develop the site  and now Battersea Power Station is up for  open sale.

There were many rumours but now Chelsea Football Club  has confirmed that it has submitted an offer. Interestingly they say that the four iconic chimneys will stay and be restored and retained creating a unique back drop to a stadium for 60,000.  They also propose a town centre, shops affordable housing and offices.

Chelsea FC or its owners could be the first people in the last 30 years who have the resources to develop out and make this happen. IF CFC think to move to the South of the River they will be wonderfully welcome in that  they might be the last part in the Vauxhall Nine ELms ( VNEB) Jigsaw puzzle.

For those of us in South Lambeth / Vauxhall Stockwell area however it probably means not being able to drive over the bridges Northwards on match days?

Fulham – where CFC currently resides is paralysed by Chelsea Fans and traffic when a match is on. All the locals loathe the jams and parking problems.

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  1. If CFC have the resources/wherewithal and are ready to transform this site then I am all in favour of them creating a town centre, shops affordable housing and offices with a sports stadium at the centre, which, I would hope is designed so it can be used for more than football. It is a magnificent site and an ideal location for the creation of a such a development.
    I have lived in the South Lambeth / Vauxhall Stockwell area for many years and it is already heavily congested during the working week. Surely the kind of inconvenience that would be caused is all part of the day to day reality of living in a vibrant city. Chelsea have just over 20 home games each year, many of which are mid week and while it is clear that the large numbers of people will cause issues it will also add life and character. I wish them luck as they navigate the challenges of such an enormous initiative.

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