Community Freshview clean up- The Summary- The Neighbourhood comes out


ASSA held a very productive Day of cleaning up the area. As a result of various factors there was only 2 hours of work time available but volunteers managed to get out and clean and tidy, dig over , replant and compost many of the tree pits etc.

Much work was done by enthusiastic residents to the immediate outside areas and gardens of St Stephen’s church.

Pits were planted up  – and some exotic things were planted.


If you see any thirsty plants please take them out a bucket of water – and try to think of it on a weekly basis through this summer Drought !


There were very few volunteers in the event but Penny laid on a fabulous thank you post  party clear up for locals at her home. Thank you Penny Cleaning up on the streets of St Stephens.

Local Residents hard at work on Community Freshview day.



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