Noteworthy buildings in Vassall Ward – a request

Vassall Ward Councillor Steve Reed is looking for your suggestions for buildings to be added to Lambeth Council’s list of Buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest. His request relates to Vassall Ward only – see link for map of streets in the ward – note that ASSA is in Stockwell Ward – but perhaps you should contact your councillor if you have suggestions for other wards.  The list will be separate from the national register of Listed Buildings, which gives buildings a specific legal status/protection. Lambeth’s aim in pulling together an additional list of buildings of local interest is “to identify and designate those buildings of local interest so that the Council can consider their significance when determining any planning proposals affecting them”. Buildings on the list will not automatically receive any additional protection. Instead, being on the list will flag up to the council that their significance should be considered in any planning applications. The first draft of the list Lambeth has produced includes only three structures in Vassall ward so far

* Freemans Builing on Clapham Road – currently being developed by Galliard Homes
* Summerhouse in Myatts Fields Park
* Stone horse trough at the top of Vassall Road (near the Union Tavern)

Most other wards have a much larger number of buildings. Are there any other local buildings of interest that you think should be added? The criteria for inclusion includes :
1. Architecture
2. History
3. Close historical association (connections with people or events of borough or national importance)
4. Townscape
5. Age and rarity

If you’d like to suggest any buildings/structures for inclusion on this list, contact Steve at and he will request they be added on your behalf. Let know too!

One comment

  1. Stockwell Bus Garage is a nice piece of modernist architecture – I think it is listed already. It was built at the time of Festival of Britain.

    Lasco building at the Vauxhall

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