Now and then

As close as I could get it, these two maps show exactly the  same area.  The lower one will be instantly familiar, the upper one is a small piece of a map of London published in 1827. The whole thing is available online in much greater detail here – click on areas of the small map to get much more detailed scans of the whole thing.  The small area below is taken from this sheet, covering Kennington and Vauxhall.

Interesting to see how South Lambeth Road has bent through 90 degrees since its early life along what we now know as Dorset Road – to say nothing of the metamorphosis of South Highland Place into South Island Place, when there are neither highlands nor islands to be seen. It’s also possible to see very clearly how street names capture traces of the past.  The Lawn of 1827 has a faint echo in Lawn Lane, the sometime grandeur of Clayland House survives in Claylands Road.

One comment

  1. Went out for a few beers and came back to look at Tweets in my TweetDeck and saw the original post and thought I’ll have a look at that map in the morning and compare with todays Google Maps!

    Then on scrolling up I saw the later Tweet to here.

    Excellent comparison, I will have to look again in the morning at other area’s of London. I love maps!

    Ecellent new map as well.

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