Heathrow Aircraft Noise

You cannot help but be aware of the noise from aircraft arriving at Heathrow and City. Many of us would agree that it has got worse over the past few years.  The number of arrivals seems to have increased and in particular the number of planes arriving before 6am.

They now say that in excess of 700,000 people  (of whom some 200,000 live in the vicinity of the airport) suffer an Lden of 55 db a day.  An Lden of 55 is in excess of World Health Organization guidelines, and it is the direct result of a narrowing of the arrivals flight path on which increasing numbers of planes are now concentrated.

ASSA recently responded to the BAA Heathrow Noise Action Plan Consultation. The Action Plan unfortunately focuses almost solely on the area around the airport and does nothing to address the increasing traffic over Stockwell.

For more info see this great video of people locally (Fentiman Road and Vauxhall Park).

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