ASSA AGM – Tuesday 16 June

The annual meeting of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association takes place this coming Tuesday at St Stephen’s Church.  Tea, coffee and conversation from 7.30 – the meeting proper will start at 8pm. Do come and share your thoughts, ideas and questions for the future of our area and the work of ASSA.  If you can’t make it, feel free to put them into comments to this post (click on the comments link underneath the agenda) and we will make sure that they are fed into the discussion.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 24 June 2008

2. Review of the year from Chair

3. Policing report

4. Big Green Challenge

5. Summer fair

6. Planning

7. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of Accounts

8. Election of Officers and Executive Committee for following year

9. Election of Honorary Auditor

10. Any other business.

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