Let’s Dance in Albert Square!

Comic Relief 2009 – do something funny for money

Friday 13th March @ 7 pm

Join a disco dance flash mob on Friday!
Have fun and raise money for Red Nose Day

Check out the movie on stockwellnews.com

  • learn the easy repeating steps to a simple disco dance (Stayin’ Alive) – or you can do your own thing (your choice!)
  • come along to the dance in Albert Square this coming Friday – 13 March at 7pm
  • donate £1 to dance (or £1.50 to watch)

And the fun (yes, including accompanied kids) continues at the Royal Albert pub (who will be donating a percentage of takings to Comic Relief). Bring your friends and relations – the organisers need as many people as possible to make as much money as possible for Comic Relief.


  1. A BIG THANKYOU to all your wonderful people who turned up, paid and DANCED – you were truly fantastic and we raised over £300 plus the pub’s donation which we are not sure how much at the moment. It was really fun….we have a film which we may post up on YouTube….will let you know…thanks again.


    Think that everyone had a wonderful evening.
    Engendered a great community feel and a very simple way of doing something for comic relief that otherwise we as a family would not have actively participated in.

    Loads of people turned up – I do not know but it looked like about 150 – 200 for the dance.

    Great to see the Square’s space (owned and paid for by the residents of Albert Square) opened up and enjoyed by the community although the dogsmuck added percussion? sounds. Treads of all th kids shoes not pleasant.

    That H&S issue apart – A great charity idea done superbly well- the evening could NOT have gone better. Can this be made into a BIG annual event?

    Thank you to all those who thought up and organised the evening. It was a blast.

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