Slower speed bumps

Residents in the Albert Square conservation area should have today received updated consultation material from Lambeth Council about the proposals for traffic calming measures in the area. The last meeting of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association (ASSA) Committee considered these and came to the following conclusions, which we hope will assist you in making a response to the proposals (the closing date is now 17 October).


The Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association (ASSA) welcomes the opportunity to respond to Lambeth Council’s current consultation on a traffic calming scheme in the Albert Square conservation area. But we believe that local residents need a far more effective approach to the serious problem of traffic that is too much and too fast. ASSA is opposed to the current proposals for the following reasons:

  • We don’t believe that the proposed additional sinusoidal road humps will be sufficient to reduce the volume and speed of traffic that now uses our area as a ‘rat run’ – a fact of life acknowledged in the council’s paper
  • We believe that any traffic calming measures for our area should be part of a wider strategy that situates our needs within the wider network of local streets. Such an approach was agreed by Lambeth Council in 2006, when the Executive Director of Environment reported to the North Lambeth Area Committee that the ‘Fentiman Road Cell scheme’ would be processed for implementation that year. Under this scheme, our area would have been subject to an ‘entry treatment’ that would have reduced the volume of traffic cutting through our streets, and its speed
  • There is an existing 20mph speed limit through our area – though you would hardly know this because of the lack of signs and road markings. This limit needs to be more vigorously signed and enforced. For example, a census of traffic through our area a year ago found that in excess of 1,000 vehicles a day were passing through the area, with average speed of 22mph and 15% were travelling at speeds of more than 26mph.

We welcome Lambeth Council’s attempts to tackle traffic calming in the Albert Square conservation area, but call on them to withdraw this scheme in favour of further consultation with residents to introduce more effective longer term solutions to reduce the volume and speed of traffic in our area.

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