The Friends of Vauxhall Park’s Summer Fair is on Sunday 22 June 2-5pm. They urgently need helpers for the various attractions. Maybe you have a post A/GCSE teenager hanging around eating too much toast – they’d love to get them out from under your feet for the afternoon … In fact any underemployed family members and friends most welcome!

Lots of fun promised and wonderful food and entertainment (including the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and football coaching by Chelsea FC!

Please contact Polly Freeman on 7720 7568 or pollyf@talktalk.net



ASSA currently has no representatives from St Stephen’s Terrace or Wilkinson Street on its committee. This means we have a considerable gap in raising issues of concern to all residents – including traffic calming measures, disruptive noise from tube lines etc.

If you live in one of these  streets and would like to become involved, please contact Peter Edwards on: superedwards3@gmail.com

But we are also keen to hear from any resident who wants to get involved, so if you live in Albert Square and Aldebert Terrace we are always happy to hear from you too.

Not a committee person?

If you’re not a great one for committee meetings but would like to get involved in organising and running ASSA’s community events – such as the forthcoming Trash or Treasure event on Saturday 10 May or our Summer Event in Albert Square Garden on 7-8 June, there’s always room for you! Please contact Rosemary Ellis on: rosemary_ds@hotmail.com

ASSA has long campaigned for secure bike parking for residents – a few years age we successfully worked with Lambeth Council and London & Quadrant Trust to win secure bike sheds available for most of the Trust’s tenants in Albert Square.

Now the council has stepped up its commitment to support cycling and cyclists by installing secure bike hangars on our streets. You might have seen these on neighbouring streets and now, after an extensive period of consultation, Lambeth is proposing to install secure bike hangars on:

  • St Stephen’s Terrace – outside no. 19
  • Aldebert Terrace – outside no. 8.

However, there has not yet been any proposals for similar hangars in Albert Square or Wilkinson Street.

In Albert Square, some individual residents are vociferously opposed to any siting of hangars in the square. However, there does seem to be demand for secure on-street bike parking as 4 to 5 bikes are regularly chained to the railings opposite 6-14 Albert Square (including one that has been vandalised, indicating a need for secure provision).

On Wilkinson Street, there has been no expressed indication of need, although bikes are sometimes parked on the street, and a previous walk-around by the Lambeth Cycling Officer and ASSA members indicated a possible site alongside the entrance to the car park behind the flats next to St Stephen’s Church.

If you have any views about the siting of the bike hangars, especially if you are a bike owner seeking secure on-street parking, please email Eric Duval, cycle parking programme, at: eduval@lambeth.gov.uk

The Tate South Lambeth Library is piloting some pioneering new aids for users with visual impairments – with financial support for one gadget coming from ASSA through the monies we raise through community fundraising activities.

ASSA contributed £350 towards the costs of a pioneering new mouse reader plus screen. The mouse, which is larger than the average computer mouse and has an in-built camera, is plugged into a TV screen and can be dragged or nudged across text, which is then magnified to be easily read on the large screen (see photo). This gadget should do much to help visually impaired readers make even more use of the library.

The project, developed by Vauxhall CIC (Community Interest Company), had an airing in the library during National Libraries Day on Saturday 8 February, and has since been installed, along with new accessible keyboards on all the public computers in the library – the first in the UK to install such keyboards, which are very visually clear and user-friendly.

Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, visited the library on 4 March to see the new equipment in action, and was clearly impressed by the project, as well as by the regulars at the Digital Tuesdays for visually impaired users, who spoke very forcefully of the need for such aids and how life-changing the weekly events are for those who lose their sight.

Christina Burnett, a director of Vauxhall CIC, says that the TV mouse and screen “will make it possible for people who can’t see small print to access all the books, newspapers and other printed information in the library once again.

“We are very grateful to ASSA as the equipment will make a huge difference to the lives of many local people.”

Tate liobrary

Play your part in brightening up our neighbourhood this Saturday 23 November, 10am – 1pm

With the assistance of Lambeth’s Community Freshview team, ASSA has arranged a neighbourhood clean-up for Saturday, 23 November, from 10am to 1.00pm.

The idea is that as many local residents as possible turn out to tidy up our streets (Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, St Stephen’s Terrace and Wilkinson Street) and generally give the area a facelift. What does that mean? Things that you could do might include:

  • weeding between the paving stones and around trees/lampposts on the pavement outside or near your home
  • cutting back hedges or shrubs if they are overhanging the footpath
  • scrubbing out graffiti on walls and lampposts – we hope that Lambeth Crime Busters will help in removing the worst graffiti
  • help our street cleaner by clearing away any litter or rubbish
  • checking out communal features, such as the seating and raised flower beds outside St Stephen’s church

Bring your own tools if you have them, but don’t worry if you don’t as some tools will be available from Lambeth, and neighbours, on the day.

This is also an opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items you’ve had lying about in your garden or area. There’ll be a skip where you can dispose of them, along with the rest of the rubbish.


Afterwards, do come along and meet your neighbours over a glass of wine and some bread and cheese, kindly hosted by one of our residents in Aldebert Terrace (we’ll let you know the address on the day).

Photographs from the Remembrance Image Project, narrated by Simon Gregor

Wednesday November 20th 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)
As part of the First World War centenary commemoration, the Remembrance Image Project is photographing wartime sites as they appear 100 years on, and using these images to foster understanding and debate about the war, and about the role of remembrance.Lambeth-based photographer Simon Gregor is leading the project, and has been travelling extensively in France and Belgium as well as in the UK to research the project.  He will be sharing a number of the images created during the research phase, in preparation for the project’s main activity in 2014-18.

Simon has previously exhibited photographic work in both London and Hertfordshire.  The Remembrance Image Project is part of the Imperial War Museum’s Centenary Partnership.   More information at www.riproject.wordpress.com
Duration 50 minutes, followed by question and answer session.

One-way scheme rejected

Following the recent consultation about how to spend money from Lambeth for a Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP) in our streets, the council has now agreed to drop the proposal for an experimental one-way traffic scheme around Albert Square to discourage rat-running through our area. The ward councillors have now agreed to recommend the NEP funds for the following projects and proceed to statutory consultation on them.

New NEP recommendations 

–    Traffic calming in Aldebert Terrace, St Stephen’s Terrace and Albert Square (maximum spend £30,000)

–   Tradescant Road Pocket Park (maximum spend £20,000)

–   Claylands Green- Traffic calming and public realm improvements (maximum spend £45,000)

–   Bonnington Square- Public realm improvements (maximum spend £45,000)

–   Cycle and motorcycle secure parking – Various locations (maximum spend £10,000)

–   Heyford Avenue- Traffic calming (maximum spend £15,000).

The agreement also approved money for a communal bin store and implementation of tree planting and greening in various locations (£25,000), Meadow Road- build-out and greening (£10,000), and  Play Streets in Ashmole Road and Kibworth Street (as part of a separate process through the council website).

How to spend the £30,000? – Public meeting Tuesday 12 November

In order to pursue the welcome allocation of £30,000 to traffic calming through our streets with as much consensus as possible, ASSA has invited Councillor Imogen Walker and Haibat Abro, Project Engineer for Lambeth Transportation, to a public meeting with residents to discuss options for the optimum use of this money to reduce the speed and volume of traffic through our area. Haibat is an expert on traffic engineering and can advise on the cost and effectiveness of specific proposals. The meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss the format and siting of communal bin shelters, which has been another hot issue in our area.

We want as many people as possible to express their preferences so that we can proceed with proposals that are the most effective and cause the least upset among residents. We appreciate that the meeting is at short notice and may be at a time that is not convenient to you, so we welcome your suggestions and comments through this website or to the ASSA chair Peter Edwards on:  superedwards3@gmail.com

Traffic calming – NEP proposals public meeting

Tuesday 12 November


St Stephen’s Church annex

St Stephen’s Terrace

Lambeth Council has now circulated its street improvement proposals under the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP).  We are urging all residents to complete and return the questionnaire about how to send the £200,000 budgeted for the Oval area (in which we fall).

ASSA is very pleased that Lambeth has taken up our call to make traffic calming the number one priority for Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace and St Stephen’s Terrace, and we are delighted to see the proposal for a pilot 10mph ‘children’s route’  from the square through Wilkinson Street and on towards the Oval.

However, there has been some confusion about the proposed traffic management through the area. To clarify, the proposals would mean that traffic in Albert Square becomes one way, going left from the Clapham Road entrance, and that there will be a no-entry into Aldebert Terrace from Albert Square

While the proposals are not ideal, they are a welcome recognition of our concerns to reduce the volume and speed of traffic through our area.

We urge all residents to have their say, so please do complete the questionnaire and let Lambeth know what you think about the proposals.

Please complete the survey by Friday 11 October – or fill in online at: www.lambeth.gov.uk/nepOvalsurvey

PLEASE come  along even for a FEW minutes  between 9 and 5 and input your ideas.  Money HAS  been  allocated for VERY REAL  change in the next 12 months.  IF we are to have a good chance of getting improvements to OUR streets then we need the maximum number of local residents to come along and show their enthusiasm for the resources to be allocated here.

This is a very real chance to make a difference and have your say on what you would like to see happen.  Local Residents groups have joined together with the engineers at Lambeth Council  and you can come along and  talk to them about what  you think we need in our streets.

The following  items can be altered or changed in this Current  Enhancment programme:

  • EFFECTIVE Speed  and traffic reducing measures/ traffic calming
  • Street Greening-  more trees -more plants
  • Cycle Parking
  • Secure cycle storage
  • Bins- come along and choose the bins and talk to Lambeth experts about  Waste management

There are different ways of joining in.   You could come along  and comment on photos  of our local street scenes that will already  be up on walls.  Alternatively, take pictures on your phone or camera of the things that you like or dislike and bring them along to be printed off and  add  to the discussions. Seen a great bin- take a picture? Gone past traffic calming ideas or  tree  planting ideas in other neighbourhoods – take a picture and have it printed off on Saturday.

The Wheatsheaf Hall on Wheat sheaf Lanes is a beautiful building –   just off the South Lambeth Road-just after the  Brazilian pub and before Wyvil School.

Make YOUR opinion heard, help co- design and improve our streets.

If you want the opportunity to do more for our neighbourhood – and have your say about what ASSA should be doing – please do come along to our Annual General Meeting on

 Tuesday 9 July


 St Stephen’s Church

The AGM is your chance to raise and discuss the issues that concern you:

  • traffic and road safety
  • tube noise
  • community events and activities.

Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

As part of the meeting, we will also provide information and discuss views on our local Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme – Lambeth Council is currently consulting on what we’d like to see in our area.

New committee members always welcome.

For further information please contact Rosemary on 077929 01295 or Brenda on 07856 232553