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As one local restaurant closes, we are pleased to report the expansion of another popular local outlet.

Many of us were very sad to see Rebato’s shut its doors last week after 25 years of serving wonderful food (particularly those of us not able to get in for a last meal there because of the crowds!). We wait with trepidation to see what business appears to replace it.

However, there is very good news from Wilcox Road.

The very wonderful Hot Stuff has expanded into bright and roomy new premises alongside its current take-away outlet, giving more tables and elbow room and space in between (so we don’t all need to be part of Lauren’s leaving do). The great food and bargain prices remain, so support this local business and make your way down to Hot Stuff for a delicious and good value grub.

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The Canton Arms was reviewed in today’s Observer.  The short version is that Jay Rayner seemed to like it rather a lot – partly for what has stayed the same as well as for what has changed:

One achievement is that the team has managed not to chase the old clientele out. This isn’t some gussied-up, ersatz version of a pub, new scrubbed for the emerging middle classes. It remains what it always was, with a bar at the front full of regulars deep into their pints and the dining room out back. They’ve given the place a lick of paint but done little else. The menu is admirably short, with four starters and mains supplemented by a couple of specials…

[The wine list] is, like the entire operation, without pretension; they are absolutely not trying to be all things to all people. They are only trying to be themselves. Unlike with many places I review, I will definitely be returning, probably often.

It’s good to see the hard work getting some recognition – and great to have both food this good so enticingly close to home and one of our two pubs back in full swing.

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The Canton Arms has been open for a week, and the first review is in. Dos Hermanos clearly had a good time.

The track record of the new Canton Arms team meant that the chances were good, and it sounds as though the reality has come up to the promise.

The question now is whether they can pull off the trick of being the pub on the corner while also being a more upmarket eating place. Let’s hope they do – and things are clearly off to a promising start.

Update: Giovanni di Lieto is supplying bread – which certainly adds to the attractions.

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Our friends at the Oval Partnership have informed us that next Saturday, September 12th, the brilliant Oval Farmers’ Market is celebrating its second anniversary. In addition to the normal stalls, we’re promised live music, arts and crafts, special offers on the produce stalls and lots more including a free cup of summer punch (until it runs out!).

The Market is open from 10am to 3pm. Hope to see you there!

And if you haven’t been there yet, GO! It has two butchers, vegetable stalls, cheese stalls, a fishmonger, London’s best cake stall (in my opinion!) and a great coffee bar and many other stalls. Many stalls are also as cheap or cheaper than the supermarket and the quality food is soo much better.

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DiLieto online

italoAs we noted a couple of months ago, Luigi DiLieto is back, running a deli called Italo in Bonnington Square.  Now Stockwell News has spotted that they have a website and a delivery service, so for those who haven’t quite lost their DiLieto addiction but find that Bonnington Square isn’t quite on the way to anywhere, salvation is at hand.

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News just in:

Just to say that we were delighted to find that Luigi Di Lieto, formerly of the Di Lieto family bakery on the South Lambeth Road, is back. And so is his brother Giovanni.

Luigi is running ITALO, a delightful new Italian deli in Bonnington Square.  ITALO is on the corner with Vauxhall Grove at 13 Bonnington Square SW8 1TE (07590 609 590).

The deli is open from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm Monday to Friday and 9.30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.  As well as coffee (Espresso’s 90p), Luigi’s doing sandwiches and takeaways: on the day we  looked in,  you could have Penne alla Matriciana, Parmigiana alla Melanzane and (for vegetarians) Rigatoni alle Melanzane.

Luigi’s brother Giovanni is helping out at ITALO’s for a while, and if one piece of good news isn’t enough, he is preparing to reopen the family bakery early in the New Year.This time, the Di Lietos’ bakery will be at the junction of Brixton Road and South Island Place.

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