South Lambeth Estate – ASSA response to plans

ASSA invited representatives handling the redevelopment of the South Lambeth Estate and representatives of Lambeth Council to a special public consultation event for ASSA members and other interested residents last month. Over 30 people attended the meeting. Many residents who are directly impacted by this development have formed their own personal views, and are submitting them directly to the developers.  The ASSA Committee met recently to reach a representative perspective on the current plans, incorporating feedback we have heard from residents.
Our current view as a Committee is:

  • ASSA is in favour of the development as it improves the quantity and quality of housing stock on the Estate, including affordable housing, and improves the public realm. We also believe that the plans reflect extensive engagement with both current residents of the Estate and the wider neighbourhood.
  • The current plan is to move the new blocks D1, D2 and D3 closer to Wilkinson Street and the north side of Albert Square. ASSA’s view is that these new buildings should remain on the footprint and height of the existing building. We also note that any new development should account of the effect it has on the “setting of listed buildings”, notably the north side of Albert Square
  • The current plan is that blocks D1, D2 and D3 would have balconies facing roughly south towards Wilkinson Street. ASSA understands that the London Plan requires the developer to install balconies and that Lambeth Council require those balconies not to be north-facing, both of which will improve quality of life for our new neighbours. However, ASSA also understands the concerns and objections as to loss of privacy for our residents who are directly impacted by this.

For details about the proposals, see

ASSA understands that there will be further consultation in April based on the next iteration of the plans. The ASSA Committee will refine its views at that time. In the interim, we would welcome further comment and engagement from ASSA members. We also encourage our residents to continue engaging directly with the developers, who have a regular Tuesday drop in on the Estate, and are planning further consultation events (please see the website).

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