ASSA supports new visual aid for Tate South Lambeth library

The Tate South Lambeth Library is piloting some pioneering new aids for users with visual impairments – with financial support for one gadget coming from ASSA through the monies we raise through community fundraising activities.

ASSA contributed £350 towards the costs of a pioneering new mouse reader plus screen. The mouse, which is larger than the average computer mouse and has an in-built camera, is plugged into a TV screen and can be dragged or nudged across text, which is then magnified to be easily read on the large screen (see photo). This gadget should do much to help visually impaired readers make even more use of the library.

The project, developed by Vauxhall CIC (Community Interest Company), had an airing in the library during National Libraries Day on Saturday 8 February, and has since been installed, along with new accessible keyboards on all the public computers in the library – the first in the UK to install such keyboards, which are very visually clear and user-friendly.

Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, visited the library on 4 March to see the new equipment in action, and was clearly impressed by the project, as well as by the regulars at the Digital Tuesdays for visually impaired users, who spoke very forcefully of the need for such aids and how life-changing the weekly events are for those who lose their sight.

Christina Burnett, a director of Vauxhall CIC, says that the TV mouse and screen “will make it possible for people who can’t see small print to access all the books, newspapers and other printed information in the library once again.

“We are very grateful to ASSA as the equipment will make a huge difference to the lives of many local people.”

Tate liobrary

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  1. It is fantastic the local community work that ASSA supports. I like the way you reach out and ask for further nominations for further projects that you could support. I would like to introduce Art4Space – an award winning community arts organisation based in Stockwell and established since 1999. This is an article we recently submitted to the press. It would be fantastic to get help and support with funding please as we are constantly working hard to make the business sustainable to run our services and not rely on grant funding. We do not get core funding.I look forward to your thoughts and very happy to meet.

    Art4Space are an awarding winning community arts organisation (WINNER ‘BEST CREATIVE AND CULTURAL BUSINESS’ LAMBETH BUSINESS AWARDS 2012), who been working from the Annie McCall site in Stockwell for over 14 years. They are a valuable asset to South London working with all sections of our community improving the lives of children and adults. Six years ago they were faced with eviction by Lambeth Council after the site had been sold to developers. After many years of uncertainty, and lots of negotiation, Art4Space are ecstatic to announce that they will soon be moving into one of the artist’s studios that the current developer has allocated for them. They would like to give special thanks to everyone, who supported them including Lambeth Council, Law Works and of course Henley Homes (the developers). All parties mentioned have also been responsible for enabling Art4Space to continue operating throughout the redevelopment of the Annie McCall hospital. Art4Space unwavering determination throughout has ensured that this collaboration has been a huge success and will allow Art4Space to continue to serve their community for many more years to come. Art4Space are looking forward to creating a dynamic and vibrant community art centre in the new Studio, which should be completed in May 2014 and they will celebrate in September with a launch party for their beloved community and loyal supporters.
    Here are some quotes from some of those involved:

    Quote from Councillor Imogen Walker:
    “Art4Space are a wonderful part of the Stockwell community and I’m delighted that they can carry on their excellent work locally. I’m sure they will go from strength to strength and look forward to working with them in the months and years to come”.

    Quote from Cllr Jackie Meldrum:
    ‘We’ve worked closely with Art4Space and Henley Homes to make sure they’ve been able to operate throughout the development works and move into the new studio complex. We look forward to seeing Art4Space flourish in their new community art studio and wish them well in their new home.’

    Quote from Henley Homes Adil Rashid:
    “Henley Homes is very proud of the proposed development plans for the former Annie McCall Hospital. It has been really fascinating to work with the talented folk at Art4Space and the planners at Lambeth during this process. The rich history of the building, its elegant proportions and its amazing location, have all created a truly outstanding project. Alongside these, we are ensuring that the artistic heritage of the Annie McCall continues by building beautiful new-build artists’ studios set to the rear of the site with dedicated access and grounds.” The New Studio space will be used for Art4Space to deliver a range of community art activities. This would be the outward facing community focus of the development, whereas the space for artists would be very much focused on their requirements.

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