George Fergusson Governor of Bermuda Unveils Dispensary Stone first unveiled in 1866 to the current Numerous and Fashionable Company of 2012

Mr George Fergusson Governor Of Bermuda unveiling the dispensary Plaque in Wilkinson Street SW8


The Governor of Bermuda, Mr George Fergusson  did the honours today, unveiling the newly renovated Plaque that had  marked the opening of the dispensary in 1866.   In 1866 , the  newly created Dispensary would  have given vital medicine to the poor of South Lambeth.

The afternoon commenced with an address by Mr Tom  Fish. Ordinand of St Stephen’s, in the absence of Rev Bill Wilson who was away working.  Tom  made the  interesting point that while the Dispensary was no longer necessary given the NHS , essential work to assist the poor  continues under the auspices of St Stephen’s  Church. ASSA also supports these causes.

Mr Michael Leapman, historian, journalist and author then introduced  his research for us  into the  history of  Charitable dispensaries  and the detail that is available with regard to  the South Lambeth Dispensary . We will try to produce this on our web site soon.  He made note that on  the  day of the Stone laying ceremony on 14 July 1866,  The South London Press  reported that there was ” a numerous and fashionable company.”

Mr George Fergusson  then unveiled the plaque  on Wilkinson Street in front of the    numerous and  fashionable Company that was available on our streets in 2012.

We were extremely fortunate to get the 10 minute window this summer  when it was not pouring down.

Today, anyone fashionable then returned to the cover of the church and  took tea, cucumber sandwiches and fabulous cake.

Our thanks to the Fergussons, George and his wife Margaret for attending the event and giving our streets another overlay of importance, history and interest.

ASSA thanks  everyone who was involved in the impetus and  momentum to  have the plaque  renovated before the writing on the stone  became entirely illegible.

This extends to so many people and our thanks to Anne and Dick. With Luck and a fair wind it will mean that  in another  140+ years time, local residents in 2150 +  will also be aware of the legacy and the history of the Victorians in their streets.

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