QUEEN’s DIAMOND JUBILEE THAMES PAGEANT 2012- Bridge restrictions in London

 Sunday  Afternoon Pageant –  4 June Things to consider for the London Jubilee pageant

Big Potential effect on travel for us locally.  Anyone wanting to travel North -South is going to meet with a problem over access to the Bridges at various times. LOCALS ARE ADVISED TO TAKE UTILITY BILLS to SHOW THEIR LOCAL WHEREABOUTS and perhaps WHY they NEED to GET BACK.

 POLICE ADVICE :  Here is the  current Police advice:

Sunday 3rd June 2012 - River Thames Pageant, Chelsea to Tower    Bridge

There will be a large scale security operation in place in place from 7am with the closures and searches of the bridges. Large areas of Central London from Chelsea through to Tower Bridge will be affected during the day.

Bridges will have various closures in place and many will have viewing areas where the flotilla can be viewed by invited guests only:

1. Invited guests only: 

Albert, Lambeth, Westminster, Jubilee (Hungerford), Blackfriars, Millennium and Tower.

2. Bridges where pedestrians can cross but stopping to view the pageant is banned:

Battersea and Chelsea.

3. Bridges where traffic can cross (except 3pm to 5.50pm) during the pageant:

Vauxhall, Waterloo, Southwark and London.

It is expected that Central London will be busy with 1000 boats on the river and the opportunity to see this once in a lifetime event. A number of premises overlooking the river have already identified that they are holding events. They will need to consider access routes to their buildings. 

Businesses will need to consider their logistical support and areas such as staff travel. The main information will be available:


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