Break-in alert

There has been a wave of break-ins/attempted break-ins in our area in the last few days. Residents in Albert Square and Wilkinson Street have had windows smashed, and in one case a flat was entered and a laptop laptop stolen.

It is very important that all such incidents are reported to the police:

  • call 101 for non-emergency reports
  • call 999 if you are aware of a break-in in progress.

Remember to take the usual care in securing your home and not leaving valuables, car keys etc in view or near to front or back doors or windows.


  1. Also be aware if you have workmen in the house who can leave doors open. A couple of months ago someone walked into our house which had 5/6 builders in it at the time, picked up a lap top belonging to one of the builders and walked straight out again. Complete opportunists so don’t give them the opportunity. This despite us asking the builders to keep doors closed at all times.

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