Local Street Sale: Saturday, May 7th, 10am-1pm

Trash Or Treasure

Saturday, May 7th


Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, St Stephens Terrace, Wilkinson Street & Tradescant Road

There’ll be furniture, clothes, toys, plants, books and lots more being sold and given away (whatever is left goes to the MIND charity).

What do residents need to do? Simply set out a table outside your home before 10 am and sell or give away your unwanted items from there. There is no charge. Tell friends about the event. After 1pm you can either take in your items or leave them to be picked up for the MIND charity in Wandsworth Road. It’s a great opportunity to declutter and Spring Clean!

What does everyone else have to do? Come along and pick up a bargain. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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