Enjoy the sounds of silence

Spare a moment to open your window and listen. What do you hear?

If you have friends or family stuck overseas (or you are reading this from a hotel room in Frankfurt) then the chaos caused by the Ejafjallajoekull volcano will no doubt be causing you some anxiety. If not, and you are a resident of ASSA then enjoy this unique time in our lives when there is no constant stream of jet engines at all hours over our heads. It might never happen again.

One comment

  1. hi,
    I ve been living in Hartington road SW8 2HB for 7 months. I ve noticed in these months quite many planes flying over the area and found it very unpleasant but rather bearable. however from sunday 3rd of april 2011 I found aircraft noise has increased drastically and I m getting insane by planes flying over my flat every 20 sec.
    any reason from this increase??? any way out????

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