Albert Square Perimeter Path

If you are a resident of Albert Square you should have received a copy of the Albert Square Perimeter Path consultation. If you are not a resident of the Square please note that Lambeth have agreed to distribute the leaflet to all ASSA residents as this is a conservation area matter not an Albert Square matter.  For both residents of the Square and other ASSA residents the deadline for the consultation has been extended. Residents are requested to return the consultation response as soon as they can (note the consultation leaflet itself still say the deadline is August 5th)

Background: Lambeth have recently agreed that they are responsible for the maintenance of the path and have agreed to upgrade it from the current mud path to something that will be more hard wearing and less muddy. The money for this work has been put aside in this year’s budget so the work will get done this financial year.

It was the overwhelming view of attendees of the ASSA AGM that they would prefer York stone for the path. This is the recommendation of the Residents Association. The stone is hard wearing and will last many times longer than the alternatives but it is also more expensive and this as a result Lambeth are reticent to offer it.

If you have not already filled in the form we recommend you don’t tick either ‘Modular’ or ‘Clearmac’ but instead write “I would like York stone to be used” in the further comments section.

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  1. […] is not a ‘we’re fixing potholes’ story. This is the result of the wonderful campaigning by ASSA in trying to get @lambeth_council to restore some of the original scenic beauty to this […]

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