No to Fentiman Road traffic scheme!

ASSA has written to Transport for London protesting against proposals for a trial traffic scheme that would bring in a no-right turn at the junction of Fentiman Road and South Lambeth Road.

In a letter to TfL on 29 August, ASSA said:

The new proposal would shift more traffic from Fentiman Road into neighbouring streets, particularly our own [Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, St Stephen’s Terrace and Wilkinson Street] …

The no-right turn would have major implications for traffic in neighbouring streets. We are frankly outraged that this proposal should be put to us out of the blue.

ASSA points out that there is a comprehensive traffic plan for our whole area – “the Fentiman Road residential cell” – that was agreed following a thorough and expensive study by JMP Consulting culminating in public consultation in October 2005.

Decisions were taken in the context of a landmark resolution by the whole Lambeth Council to the effect that they would no longer countenance piecemeal traffic changes without thoroughly considering their effect on the wider area.  The plan includes entry treatments for Fentiman Road and Aldebert Terrace, which have not been implemented.

ASSA has called on TfL to:

  • let us know if its strategy for traffic in our area has changed since 2005
  • give us the entry treatments for Aldebert Terrace and Fentiman Road, which were fully consulted on and agreed in 2005
  • re-open the east-west route through Lansdowne Way
  • drop the proposal for a trial ban on the right turn out of Fentiman Road
  • re-establish the strategic dialogue for the “Fentiman Road cell”.

ASSA has also informed Lambeth council and local Greater London Association member Val Shawcross of our objections.

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