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BIG Jubilee  Buffet In ALbert Square

The ASSA residents came out and decorated the Square, putting up marquees, lugging tables and hanging up bunting.

Then out came the food, more people arrived with more food and every had a very lovely  and convivial  time.


Our Big Buffet was held on the Monday, rather than the  Big Lunch Sunday so as not clash with the Jubilee River Pageant. In doing so we somehow managed to get the best of the weather and did not even need the marquees.We were extraordinarily  fortunate.

Neighbours and friends brought out wonderful food to share and then sat down and caught up with goings on. The event kicked off with local children press ganged at short notice to play the National Anthem.

It was lovely to see  residents new to the area pitch up and enjoy themselves. The children ran around the Square garden, playing games or interrogating adults to get answers for the Jubilee Quiz. Congratulations to Coco for her investigative work leading to 100% correct answers.

It was a very relaxed, warm, laughter filled time.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, who made delicious food and made the afternoon a delightful event.

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Would you like to STOP cars rat running/ taking short cuts through our area?

Do you have ideas for how to improve our streets?

Come along and have your say. We only have a VERY SHORT  time to imput into Lambeth’s Neighbourhood Enhancement programme. This programme  will be rolled out over the next 2 Years, so make the effort to  make a difference.

Now is the chance to say if you want to  STOP or diminish rat running– this could be through the implentation of no right or left turns/ gating areas or roads off/ and or  to only allow pedestrian or bike access and one way streets.

MEETING to debate and discuss all possibilities.

When: 7.30pm, Wednesday 29th February 2012

Where: Wheatsheaf Hall, Wheatsheaf Lane (off South Lambeth Road) SW8 2UP

If you can’t make it to the meeting then email suggestions or comments to Rosemary Ellis (chair of ASSA) email: rosemary_ds@hotmail.com or comment on this site please.

Rat Running through our streets - Do you want it?

Further detail:

Lambeth has a project “to make the streets safer, greener and cleaner across 8 wards” including Oval and Stockwell. It is called the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme.

Further detail:

 The sort of improvements which might be appropriate:
  • Improvements could include the following where practical and depending on local priorities and funding:
  • STOP or diminish rat running– this could be through the implentation of no right or left turns/ gating areas or roads off/ and or  to only allow pedestrian or bike access and one way streets or designated play areas.
  • measures to reduce road danger e.g. 20 mph zones better access for cyclists and facilities such as secure cycle parking
  • cycle training
  • car clubs
  • tree planting and food growing
  • removal of street clutter such as unnecessary bollards and signs
  • new disabled parking bays and facilities to improve access such as dropped kerbs
  • As a number of benefits will be delivered at one time it will achieve better value for money for your community.
Why are Lambeth doing this?
“Our aim is to make improvements in line with our transport strategy to:
  • promote sustainable, healthy travel behaviour
  • improve air quality
  • reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in road collisions
  • reduce Lambeth’s CO2 emissions.”
Lambeth have given ASSA and TARA, our friends in the roads neighbouring Tradescant Road, until Friday 9th March to come up with ideas under the following headings:
  • Traffic
  • Cycling, i.e. access and facilities
  • Car Clubs
  • Planting and food growing
  • Street furniture and clutter
  • Signage
  • Crime Prevention (feedback will be passed to community safety team for consideration)
  • Roads and Pavements (feedback will be passe to highways team for consideration)
  • Other local concerns

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