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This Saturday, 16th May, the annual ASSA Trash or Treasure street sale takes place. Everyone living on the ASSA streets of Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, Wilkinson Street and St Stephen’s Terrace is encouraged to set up a stall outside their house and sell unwanted items. It is a great way to declutter your house, meet neighbours, and to raise money, either for yourself or charity – the choice is yours. The sale runs from 10.30am to 1pm. Please help spread the word!

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We want to know!!

Lambeth is offering up to 2 cycle hangars for safe storage of bikes in Aldebert Terrace and one in the entrance road to Albert Square. Let us know your thoughts by signing Lambeth’s form.

To see where they propose to put the storage contact your ASSA member (see website) or call Peter on 020 7582 4483 or 07876 561252 to see the plan and sign before 27 March.

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We are having a spring Clean up on the morning of Saturday 7th March between 10.30 and 1 pm to weed, prune, clear up and  generally make the neighbourhood ready for Spring.
We plan to plant 200 daffodil bulbs in the build outs as well as clear up the communal beds by the church and near the Clapham Road.
Lambeth Community Freshview have promised some help with loan of tools, some topsoil to refresh our communal beds and a skip to take away our rubbish.
Please do join if you can – the group will be working across the local streets (Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace, St Stephen’s Terrace and Wilkinson Street) so should be easy to find. Once we are finished, all the workers are invited for a light lunch of bread, cheese and salad, a glass of wine and chat to meet neighbours and learn about what is going on locally. This will be held in a local home.

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We are holding an autumn neighbourhood clean-up (Community Freshview in Lambeth-speak). This is the chance to clear out your homes and gardens and tidy up the public green spaces for our neighbourhood. Do please join us out on the streets weeding, sweeping and giving the plants an end of season tidy up. We also need volunteers to help with the plants and shrubs outside the church.

As in previous years, we will finish with wine and cheese once the work is all done. Please do come along if you can.

ASSA clean up edit

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Art4Space, a new community art centre on Jeffreys Road, is opening this weekend, and have invited ASSA residents to join them for their launch party on Friday 26th September, or open studio on Saturday 27th September. Nina, their Business Development Manager, has passed on these details:
After 6 years of negotiations with the council and property developers, Art4Space are now in their new community arts centre and as such we would like to invite our community to the launch weekend. Friday will be more of a celebration with all our supporters and local community. Imogen Walker (local councillor) will be cutting the ribbon and Rosie Saunders from the BBC and channel 4 will be filming the event, there will also be drinks, food and entertainment. And Saturday will an open Studio for people and families to drop in and take a look at what we do. Everyone in our local community is welcome to join us in these celebrations.
Full details of the event are in the flyer below.
party flyer Final 3

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ASSA recently delivered a newsletter to all streets in our area. Just in case you didn’t receive a copy, you can download it here:  27th September colour newsletter

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While the official crime rate might be falling, the incidence of online fraud and telephone, internet and mail scams continues. Please be aware of the following.

Phone scam – attempted credit card fraud
Reported last week by one resident:

“A man phoned purporting to be DC Robert Bain, Warrant Number CAD 68905 [there are no such warrant numbers: warrant numbers are pure figures – CAD is what comes at the beginning of crime reference numbers, standing for computer aided despatch].

“He told me my cards had been compromised. Two persons had been arrested, one male one female and six people had been affected – I think he said they were bank employees and had been able to access my card details though they didn’t actually have the cards. He asked various plausible questions and I answered one about which bank branch I used most frequently.

“He then said that before he went onto the next steps he wanted me to check what he had told me by dialling 999 as soon as I had put the phone down, ask for “police” and then give them his details so that they could authenticate him. I put the phone down and dialled 999 but realised – partly as a result of a mistake he made – that he was still connected, then hung up properly, waited for a dialling tone and dialled 999 again – got someone who immediately told me it was a scam and sent round two officers to take a statement.


“The caller will not be disconnected unless HE/SHE hangs up, so you can dial 999 or anything else but you will just get back to them (or their accomplice). “

This scam in one of many variations detailed in The Little Book of BIG SCAMS, now in its second edition and available online to read at: www.met.police.uk/fraudalert (for a paper copy, call 020 7230 1228). The website also has a business fraud edition of the scam booklet, along with latest fraud alerts and valuable information on how to protect yourself against a broad spectrum of fraud. 

Microsoft phone scam – still making the rounds after several years
… with callers trying to convince you that there is something wrong with your computer and offering to help you
figure out the problem right there and then. Typically, they guide you to revealing your IP address, which
would give them access and control over your PC.

Fraud reporting

Any kind of fraud should be reported to Action Fraud:

 – unless a crime is in progress, about to happen, there is a chance of apprehending the perpetrators or they are
known, still in the area etc, or the crime involves a vulnerable person, in which case:

  • dial 999 in an emergency

Otherwise, dial 101 or visit your nearest police station.

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All residents of Albert Square, Wilkinson Street and Aldebert and St Stephen’s terraces are invited to the annual general meeting of the Albert Square and St Stephen’s Association to have your say about what’s happening in the area, elect a new committee and decide on the issues for the coming year.



8PM – tea and coffee from 7.30pm


  • Neighbourhood enhancement
  • Cycle parking
  • Communal bins
  • Crime and safety
  • Filming
  • Community events
  • Tube noise
  • and more …..


We always welcome new members on to our committee. If you would like to take part, find out more or nominate someone, please contactPeter Edwards on: superedwards3@gmail.com


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The Friends of Vauxhall Park’s Summer Fair is on Sunday 22 June 2-5pm. They urgently need helpers for the various attractions. Maybe you have a post A/GCSE teenager hanging around eating too much toast – they’d love to get them out from under your feet for the afternoon … In fact any underemployed family members and friends most welcome!

Lots of fun promised and wonderful food and entertainment (including the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and football coaching by Chelsea FC!

Please contact Polly Freeman on 7720 7568 or pollyf@talktalk.net



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ASSA currently has no representatives from St Stephen’s Terrace or Wilkinson Street on its committee. This means we have a considerable gap in raising issues of concern to all residents – including traffic calming measures, disruptive noise from tube lines etc.

If you live in one of these  streets and would like to become involved, please contact Peter Edwards on: superedwards3@gmail.com

But we are also keen to hear from any resident who wants to get involved, so if you live in Albert Square and Aldebert Terrace we are always happy to hear from you too.

Not a committee person?

If you’re not a great one for committee meetings but would like to get involved in organising and running ASSA’s community events – such as the forthcoming Trash or Treasure event on Saturday 10 May or our Summer Event in Albert Square Garden on 7-8 June, there’s always room for you! Please contact Rosemary Ellis on: rosemary_ds@hotmail.com

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