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ASSA currently has no representatives from St Stephen’s Terrace or Wilkinson Street on its committee. This means we have a considerable gap in raising issues of concern to all residents – including traffic calming measures, disruptive noise from tube lines etc.

If you live in one of these  streets and would like to become involved, please contact Peter Edwards on: superedwards3@gmail.com

But we are also keen to hear from any resident who wants to get involved, so if you live in Albert Square and Aldebert Terrace we are always happy to hear from you too.

Not a committee person?

If you’re not a great one for committee meetings but would like to get involved in organising and running ASSA’s community events – such as the forthcoming Trash or Treasure event on Saturday 10 May or our Summer Event in Albert Square Garden on 7-8 June, there’s always room for you! Please contact Rosemary Ellis on: rosemary_ds@hotmail.com

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ASSA has long campaigned for secure bike parking for residents – a few years age we successfully worked with Lambeth Council and London & Quadrant Trust to win secure bike sheds available for most of the Trust’s tenants in Albert Square.

Now the council has stepped up its commitment to support cycling and cyclists by installing secure bike hangars on our streets. You might have seen these on neighbouring streets and now, after an extensive period of consultation, Lambeth is proposing to install secure bike hangars on:

  • St Stephen’s Terrace – outside no. 19
  • Aldebert Terrace – outside no. 8.

However, there has not yet been any proposals for similar hangars in Albert Square or Wilkinson Street.

In Albert Square, some individual residents are vociferously opposed to any siting of hangars in the square. However, there does seem to be demand for secure on-street bike parking as 4 to 5 bikes are regularly chained to the railings opposite 6-14 Albert Square (including one that has been vandalised, indicating a need for secure provision).

On Wilkinson Street, there has been no expressed indication of need, although bikes are sometimes parked on the street, and a previous walk-around by the Lambeth Cycling Officer and ASSA members indicated a possible site alongside the entrance to the car park behind the flats next to St Stephen’s Church.

If you have any views about the siting of the bike hangars, especially if you are a bike owner seeking secure on-street parking, please email Eric Duval, cycle parking programme, at: eduval@lambeth.gov.uk

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