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Lambeth Council has now circulated its street improvement proposals under the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP).  We are urging all residents to complete and return the questionnaire about how to send the £200,000 budgeted for the Oval area (in which we fall).

ASSA is very pleased that Lambeth has taken up our call to make traffic calming the number one priority for Albert Square, Aldebert Terrace and St Stephen’s Terrace, and we are delighted to see the proposal for a pilot 10mph ‘children’s route’  from the square through Wilkinson Street and on towards the Oval.

However, there has been some confusion about the proposed traffic management through the area. To clarify, the proposals would mean that traffic in Albert Square becomes one way, going left from the Clapham Road entrance, and that there will be a no-entry into Aldebert Terrace from Albert Square

While the proposals are not ideal, they are a welcome recognition of our concerns to reduce the volume and speed of traffic through our area.

We urge all residents to have their say, so please do complete the questionnaire and let Lambeth know what you think about the proposals.

Please complete the survey by Friday 11 October – or fill in online at: www.lambeth.gov.uk/nepOvalsurvey

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