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Many thanks to everyone who took part and helped out in the ASSA Summer Event in Albert Square on 1 June, which was a real success.

Our community lunch went very well – helped by the fine weather – and we had about 250 people take part in the evening concert. The Lewisham Concert Band was on excellent form – with their medley of London tunes a very popular encore. We were very pleased to welcome so many local residents, especially as we charged for admission to the evening concert this year.

Especial thanks to all the helpers, including the Allinson family BBQ, which was much appreciated.

We are also grateful to London and Quadrant and Travis Perkins, who donated funds and goods to make the event possible, as well as St Stephen’s church for the loan of chairs and tables.

When we have done the accounts, we hope to have surplus that we can use to donate to local good causes.

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