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Lambeth Community Safety is pleased to present our new burglary reduction initiative  Lock It & Stop It. The project started in July 2012 and, working in conjunction with the Police and a team of specialist locksmiths, we are already making homes across the Borough more safe and secure.

This is a free service, prioritised according to need and to risk. We offer a free security assessment and (if appropriate) a free security upgrade.

  1. There is often easy access. The front door is often secured with just one (yale style) top lock, as most residents like to have easy access to their property and don’t wish to double lock doors. Unfortunately it is very easy for burglars to “slip” a single yale lock using a strip of plastic. Residents frequently under-estimate just how vulnerable their properties are.
  2. Homes are often unoccupied. Homes are often unoccupied during the day, making them more vulnerable to burglary.

To address these risks Lock It & Stop It is able to assess the property and offer security upgrades by way of:

    • Upgrading the main front door with mortise double locks (this is the single most important security initiative that will make a difference)
    • Fitting window fasteners
    • Supplying residents with property marking kits & warning stickers
    • Our expert locksmith will also provide general advice on crime prevention.

The Lock It & Stop It service is funded by Lambeth Council and is provided at no cost to eligible landlords and residents. However, it is a short term scheme with limited funding, so it is important to get in touch sooner rather than later.

If you would like to discuss Lock It & Stop It further, or if you would like to arrange a free assessment, then please use the contact details below: Tell them that you heard it though Neighbourhood Watch Manager

T: 020 7926 2210 / 020 7926 5901

E: SaferLambeth@lambeth.gov.uk

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