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Latest figures from Lambeth Police indicate a worrying rise in street crime around Stockwell tube and the NatWest Bank cash machines. They say:

In the last two weeks there have been 5 robberies and 2 thefts from persons.
•Offences occurred mostly during the week (5) with 2 at the weekend. The peak time was 0000-0300hrs (4). There were 2 between 1030-1130 and 1 at 1600hrs.
•Locations: Outside Stockwell Tube station (5), Stockwell Road (2).
•Victims: Mostly males between 18-70 years old.
•Suspects: males 17-30 offending solo or in pairs.
•Property taken was mostly iPhones, and bank cards.
Theft person (2): There were 2 which took place at the weekend in the early hours. Victims were using their phones/ipad and suspect has snatched it from them.
Robberies (3): Mostly took place down Stockwell Road in which the victim is punched to the ground and property taken. A knife was intimated in one offence.
Natwest Thefts (2): These offences involved victims being distracted while they were withdrawing money from Natwest bank, opposite Stockwell tube station, and their cards being stolen.

Please call 999 if you are attacked or witness such a crime.

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