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The Canton Arms was reviewed in today’s Observer.  The short version is that Jay Rayner seemed to like it rather a lot – partly for what has stayed the same as well as for what has changed:

One achievement is that the team has managed not to chase the old clientele out. This isn’t some gussied-up, ersatz version of a pub, new scrubbed for the emerging middle classes. It remains what it always was, with a bar at the front full of regulars deep into their pints and the dining room out back. They’ve given the place a lick of paint but done little else. The menu is admirably short, with four starters and mains supplemented by a couple of specials…

[The wine list] is, like the entire operation, without pretension; they are absolutely not trying to be all things to all people. They are only trying to be themselves. Unlike with many places I review, I will definitely be returning, probably often.

It’s good to see the hard work getting some recognition – and great to have both food this good so enticingly close to home and one of our two pubs back in full swing.

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