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Tracking the Tube

As many residents are all too well aware, we live on top of the Victoria Line, a largely benign subterranean neighbour since its arrival forty years ago.  In the last few years, though, the level of noise and vibration has grown to the point where it is a serious problem for some people who live very close to the line of the route.  The map below shows the two Victoria Line tunnels coming down from the north (the right edge of the map) and starting to curve as they come in to Albert Square to line up with the Northern Line tunnels (at the bottom left of the map) for the parallel platforms at Stockwell.  Click on the map to see a much larger version.

Transport for London came to an ASSA meeting last month to explain what they were doing about the problem, but seemed to be slightly baffled by it.  Their normal approach is to grind the rails where excessive noise is being produced.  That was done last August – but without resulting in any reduction in noise.  They are considering what more they can do but it was pretty clear that they don’t have an specific ideas.    We will keep you informed about progress in discussions with TfL, but if you want to know more or if you are directly affected, please email assacan@assa.org.uk or call Chris on 07971 198555.

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