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UntitledYou’ll no doubt have noticed that our local pub, the Royal Albert, has been closed for some time. The owner of the Albert has now submitted a planning application to convert the remainder of the pub into residential accommodation. There would be three self-contained flats, access from Ely’s cottages and substantial changes to the front.
The Albert was converted into a number of flats and houses a number of years ago and as part of that conversion the rear pub garden was lost. The pub continued, despite losing the popular rear garden and has been through a number of tenants.
The most recent tenants, Chris and Duncan, did everything they could to get the Royal Albert back to the great place it used to be before it was converted. Those of you who have enjoyed a welcoming bar and great nights under their tenancy will know the Albert can still be a great boozer.

All is not lost
Local residents and ASSA will be opposing the application for change of use. Whilst we would not push for the Albert to remain a pub if were clearly not viable as a business, we believe there is a strong case that it could be a successful business. It doesn’t have to be a pub.
There is a group meeting on Monday, September 28th 7-8pm in St Stephens Church to discuss alternative uses such as a community café and how we might go about funding it. Please come along if you’re interested it is open to all, especially those of you who were locals and don’t want to lose a great pub. And there’s free wine!
And finally, the Canton Arms. It too has closed down. We don’t know the full story yet but we will keep residents up to date.

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