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The latest proposals for the development of Battersea Power Station include the idea of extending the Northern Line from Kennington through Nine Elms to a new station at the power station itself.  Given the track record of Battersea Power Station proposals – a special shuttle service to Victoria was proposed twenty years ago and never got off the drawing board – it’s anybody’s guess whether this will ever come to anything, but it does have some local implications.

northern line to battersea The proposal takes advantage of TfL’s intention (discussed here last year) of splitting the Northern Line so that Charing Cross branch trains always turn round at Kennington, but extending the terminus out two stops.

If it were to happen, one effect would be to put us within ten to fifteen minutes’ walk of four different tube stations, as there is a proposal for an intermediate station at Nine Elms, which looks as though it is intended to go roughly in Sainsbury’s car park.  The other effect would be that of the tunnels:  they would run south west of Oval station coming under Fentiman Road and grazing the end of Richborne Terrace, turning to run due west as they cross under South Lambeth Road somewhere around Wilcox Close.  That’s almost certainly far enough away to avoid the problems we have with the Victoria Line – but the margin is not huge.

That’s all a bit of an approximation because the map on the power station website is tiny, but there are larger samizdat versions on the London Reconnections blog, which also has more of the background.

None of this will happen soon under any circumstances, and as things stand at the moment if feels pretty unlikely that it will ever happen at all.  But it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

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