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This year’s summer fete in Albert Square will be on Saturday 6 June.

Please pop it in your diary.

Last year’s fete was a great success: 600 people attended raising money for local charities and we hope to build on that success this year.
We are hoping that those who made sterling efforts last year will be able to help once again, and it would be great to include more people too.
It sounds premature to be putting out requests, but we are only 12 or so weeks away from the event and some planning is involved.

All suggestions and ideas for stalls and events would be warmly welcomed and, of course, volunteers.

Areas to have a think about:

  • Gazebos Anyone got a source or have any that they could bring along on the day?
  • PA System/ Sound system Anyone with access to this?
  • Trestle tables for stalls We borrowed these from the church last time, but could always do with more – do you know of a source?
  • Wooden floors for musicians?
  • Food Contacts with butchers or any supermarket chain to get free/ discounted food?
  • Raffle and prizes–  We didn’t have a raffle last year but ideas for prizes and prizes? Do you work at a place which could give a prize? Free hair appointment/ tickets/ toys/  backstage showaround/ meal/ vouchers etc?
  • Access to van or truck? for pick up  and drop off of PA system, musicians’ floor and any heavy items on the day
  • Helpers please. We are always looking for helpers to staff the gate, help with setting up, run the games and a multitude of other things that just need you to help out on the day for a few hours, so please do put down your name and those of your friends for one or two hours help on the day.
  • Publicity/ marketing and  administration Volunteers for these are also really needed.
  • Involving young people For those with teenage children at college and school, we would like to run a mentoring system. In an increasingly CV competitive world, getting involved in a volunteering/ event experience  outside of the school environment could be helpful to local young people – as well as helping out organisation on the day.  We hope we can involve a group of young adults on the day to pick up experience – and references! – from being involved in the Fete.  Skills that could be covered include:   Treasurer/ accounts; catering; security; event management generally; PR and marketing; performing arts; graphics; sound systems; purchasing/ fundraising etc.

We are aware that there are many residents who we can involve who are not on the ASSA email list or do not have access to the internet. Please forward this to friends or neighbours, or let us know of contacts to whom we can post the information.

The main organisers for the fete are:
Chris Morrison – 6 Wilkinson Street – 07971 198555 christopher.h.morrison@gmail.com
Rosemary Ellis – 5 Albert Square – 0207 793 9538 rosemary_ds@hotmail.com

Please contact them with ideas suggestions and offers by email or by phone.

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Comic Relief 2009 – do something funny for money

Friday 13th March @ 7 pm

Join a disco dance flash mob on Friday!
Have fun and raise money for Red Nose Day

Check out the movie on stockwellnews.com

  • learn the easy repeating steps to a simple disco dance (Stayin’ Alive) – or you can do your own thing (your choice!)
  • come along to the dance in Albert Square this coming Friday – 13 March at 7pm
  • donate £1 to dance (or £1.50 to watch)

And the fun (yes, including accompanied kids) continues at the Royal Albert pub (who will be donating a percentage of takings to Comic Relief). Bring your friends and relations – the organisers need as many people as possible to make as much money as possible for Comic Relief.

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Albert Square pathwayFor some time, the pathway outside of the railings around the Albert Square garden has been in a very inadequate state of repair.  The draft Conservation Area report identified this as an area that let our neighbourhood down.  One of the issues has been ownership of, and responsibility for, the pathway. We have now learned that the Albert Square Gardens Trust says that it does not own the path and has no claim to it, and that Lambeth Highways department agrees that it is a public footway.

If Lambeth Highways makes the decision that the pathway should be maintainable at public expense, it will repair and maintain it at their expense. If this is the case, then it will be budgeted for in this financial year (2008-09) and implemented next year (2009-10).

The surface of the path would be up for decision. It could be Clearmac, pavement slabs or York stone. While just about anything would be better than the current surface, the ASSA committee meeting resolved to push for york stone – on the grounds that this would be in keeping with the conservation area, would be far longer lasting and would look far more appropriate than other surfaces. Unfortunately it is also more costly on first outlay – although it would last far longer than other surfaces. Since it is more expensive it will be an uphill task to get this over other modern, cheaper surfaces.

This will be the first time in at least 40 years the path will have got any substantial maintenance.  Once done it is unlikely to be improved again for decades, rather than years, so this is a critical short window of opportunity to get it right.

It is clear that one of the factors which will influence the Council is the weight of local opinion – but views need to expressed quickly if they are to be in time to influence the decision.  So if you would like to see a thorough job done, write now to

Jo O’Meara
Customer Services Officer
Transport & Highways
London Borough of Lambeth
Lambeth Regeneration Housing and Environment Floor 3 Blue Star House
234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP
Tel: 0207 926 0305
Fax: 0207 926 2357

Email: JOmeara2@lambeth.gov.uk
(if you click the link to send an email, it will automatically be copied to Rosemary Ellis, who is taking the lead on this for ASSA)

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Two new speed limit signs have appeared in the last few days.  The first pair, at the entrance to Aldebert Terrace, add to what is now a fairly unpleasant clutter of signs, but are now clear enough.*

Aldebert Terrace signs

Another new sign at the entrance to Albert Square, finally confirming the road marking which has been there for quite a while.

Albert Square sign

That at least means that most drivers looking for a short cut will have no excuse for not being aware of the lower speed limt.  But approach St Stephen’s Terrace from Bolney Street, and it’s a different story.  The signs there were put up to mark the end of the 20mph zone round Fentiman Road (known to the planners as “St Stephen’s” for bizarre reasons of their own).

Bolney St speed sign

Since the two 20mph zones are contiguous, the signs simply need to be removed to ensure that drivers are accurately informed throughout the area.
*When it first went up, this sign was on a very short pole – even shorter than the one at the entrance to Albert Square – and was potentially very dangerous as it blocked half the pavement at head height. Credit to Lambeth for replacing it with the much taller and safer pole within a day.

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